Friday, June 1, 2012

Frugal Fridays - Reward Cards!

Have you ever gone to a restaurant, clothing store or even grocery store and been asked if you wanted to sign up for their reward card?  If so, say "yes" next time!  These reward card applications usually only take minutes to complete, and often provide some great perks.  The cards aren't credit cards, so they have nothing to do with your credit score.  They're just a way to track your spending and earn rewards.

Ken and I have a card for the grocery store, which provides discounts on our food and almost makes it affordable (the rising cost of food is another story)!  We've also got a card for a clothing store that provides a $10 certificate after so many dollars are spent, and when we had a swimming pool we had a card that worked the same way.

We even have a West Marine card, which just earned us a $10 gift certificate when we purchased our Caframo fans last week.  Not only did the purchase give us enough points to earn the certificate, but when we bought the fans we used some certificates that we had earned earlier in the year!

Along with the West Marine card, our other favorite card is for a local restaurant chain ... Copeland's!  Every time we have a meal or enjoy a few happy hour cocktails, we earn points towards a gift card.  We've already earned a $50 gift card, but we're waiting until we visit a few more times so we can get the $100 gift card instead!  This card also gives us a free dessert on our birthday and wedding anniversary.

Sometimes it takes a while to earn a gift card at these places, but better late than never!

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!

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Sandee said...

They are great indeed. We have many that we use and now and then we get a $10 and even $20 gift to spend on what we want.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

Cathy said...

Another fabulous frugal tip. Love it!!

Cathy Trails said...

Got to love our West Marine card, and also their policy of price matching. Many times has the same item for less and West Marine will then match it. We just saved 20$/gallon on the bottom paint for our boat by using the price matching policy.
Also love my Pier One account, which earns the kind of rewards you are describing. Until I move onto a boat, it's going to get plenty of use. said...

Got to love the West Marine card, and also their price match policy. We just saved 40$ on the bottom paint for our boat because had it for 20$/gallon less and West Marine matched their price. We've also done that on several other items.
Pier One also has rewards with their credit card and I love them! Since I still live in a house, I shop at Pier One frequently and have earned a number of those gift certificates they have. Great idea for a post!

Ken n Cheryl said...

Good point ... West Marine DOES price match! We took advantage of this policy when we bought our Lowrance .. got a price match and points on our reward card!

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