Friday, February 24, 2017

White Out!

After restoring our interior teak, we were ready to tackle the plumbing.  We don't mean new, shiny fixtures (although we're getting those) .. we're talking sticky, moldy plumbing hoses throughout the boat that needed removing and replacing.  Again, those folks that say "just go" have never bought a project boat! Some things just can't be ignored .. including the moldy hoses that our drinking water will be running through.

Anyway, I digress.  After removing all of the plumbing from Nirvana, we decided it would be a good time to paint the lower storage areas that appeared to have never been painted in the past.  These storage areas will house all sorts of items for us .. from food to spare parts to extra hygienic items. We don't wanna be grossed out in our home, so it was important to us to paint these areas that were dark, porous and filthy.

After cleaning the areas, we primed them with a coat of Kilz and then we painted two coats of Sherwin Williams' semi-gloss "Solo" paint. This is an interior latex trim paint that Ken uses on his jobs because of how hard & durable it is when dry. Ken had some of this paint left over from one of his jobs, so the price was right!

Here's a few before & after pics .. so glad we didn't blow this project off!  This first set shows underneath the aft cabin, with the fuel tank. The yellow tape held the wires out of our way ...

Here's the "head", with a new storage area behind the toilet that Ken cut out ...

And here's a view of the v-berth area .. (the first pic in this post is a close-up of the v-berth storage area .. where one of our water tanks is stored).

Last but not least .. the salon & galley areas. We painted the areas behind and underneath the settee cushions (see the black holding tank), the bilge and the cabinet under the galley sink. 

The starboard side .. you can almost see our second water tank but it's cut out of the photo.

I tell ya, this has been just as dramatic of a change to us as the restored teak! The storage areas are now bright, clean and easily able to wipe down. Now we won't think twice about storing food n stuff in these areas.

Since this paint project, we've installed the new head sink & faucet, the new galley faucet & original sinks, and are almost finished installing the new plumbing & vent hoses.  Oh, and while doing all of this the macerator pump stopped working. Ken ordered a new impeller & gasket and it's now as good as new. Ken was dreading this crappy job of removing the pump and replacing the parts, but it really wasn't that bad.

We'll have running water soon!

Hasta luego .. until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!
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