Fun times in Mexico, 2017

Many moons ago ..

Together since high school in the New Orleans, LA area we have raised a beautiful daughter, Erica.  Erica graduated from LSU and got married in 2014, so we're now empty nesters. We're always ready for a new adventure!  Ken is a residential contractor and I am a real estate agent. We had never sailed before purchasing our Catalina 30, and had a lot to learn before untying the lines! 

Ken is a Leo ... creative, ambitious, honorable, and strong-willed.  He does not like dull, regular routines and needs to feel like he's accomplished something at the end of the day.  He has a hard time sitting still.  Cheryl is a true Scorpio ... determined, intuitive, passionate, and although seemingly calm and sometimes withdrawn there is always an intense emotional energy under the exterior.  

Both of us are honest, frugal, and hard-working. We've never been materialistic nor worried about keeping up with the Jones'.  The Jones' usually aren't what they appear to be anyway!  To us, a fulfilling life does not come from what we have, but from what we've experienced. 

Ken and our daughter, Erica, on his first Harley Davidson that used to be his Dad's -1999

Ken and Erica in Destin, 1993 and Ken (is that a mullet) and I in the French Quarter, 2001

Abita Man Triathlon, 2005 - I love fitness, especially Pilates & Yoga

Ken and I at Niagara Falls, 2007

A more recent picture from our California travels in late 2017 ...

If you wanna see what we've been up to the past 7 years (wow!) and why it's taken so long to "leave the dock", you can view our journey in photos here.

See you out there!

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