Friday, May 10, 2013

Rubbing Buddha's Belly!

If I were to continue to have a garden, I'd want this Buddha!

Like rubbing a rabbit's foot, kissing a horseshoe, or crossing your fingers ... rubbing the belly of Buddha is supposed to bring good luck.  Since I have a few Buddhas in our house, I figured I may as well start rubbing.  I'm getting desperate!

We haven't had an offer on our house yet, the local media is constantly talking about how Southern Louisiana is about to be slammed with a huge increase in flood insurance (can't they shut up till our house sells?!), my real estate income still sucks, and to top it off ... Ken fell off a ladder yesterday!  We think he's gonna be okay, but we're not too sure yet.

After getting a call from him at work yesterday that went kinda like, "Hey, can you do me a favor?  Can you come pick me up at the job?  I fell off a ladder onto a concrete floor and I'm in a lot of pain.  I hit my head and my entire body hurts.  My pinkie was jammed and I pulled it back out" ... my heart sank!  Thoughts of broken bones and a concussion flashed through my mind.  

About 30 minutes later we were at the doctor's office.  Ken never goes to the doctor so I knew he was hurting bad.  Of course, before arriving at the doctor's office we were running our insurance coverage through our head ... no coverage for x-rays unless admitted into the hospital or unless they're done at the doctor's office as part of the visit.  Thankfully Ken's doctor performs x-rays in his office.  We only needed to pay a $45 co-pay and everything would be covered.  Bullet dodged!

After literally over 20 x-rays of Ken's knee, ribs, chest and both wrists we were told that no bones were broken BUT ... with all the swelling there could be some fractures that can't be seen yet.  The doctor said he wants Ken to go to the local hospital next Tuesday for a bone scan.  A bone scan?!  That sounds expensive!  Remember, our insurance doesn't cover that kinda stuff as an outpatient.  So, we made the appointment in hopes that Ken will be feeling better by then and we can cancel it.  Of course when I told the nurse my concerns about our insurance covering the test she said, "Don't worry about it!  I'll take care of it".  Yeah, right!  You can bet I'll be on the phone today making sure this "bone scan" is covered, and that if it is we don't have to pay our huge deductible first.  I've learned never to take someone else's word when it comes to our money!

With prescriptions for muscle relaxants & pain relief and a splint on Ken's pinkie finger (he chipped the bone), we had only one more thing to do before leaving the doctor's office ... Ken needed to pull down his pants and get a shot.  So, Ken dropped his drawers and hoped that the underwear sitting on top of his feet were his newer ones.  Remember what your momma told you ... always wear nice underwear in case you get in an accident!  Your mom didn't say that?  Oh well, mine did.  I guess she was right!

After popping some pills last night, Ken actually slept pretty good.  He was real sore this morning and his left wrist is killing him.  He's afraid there's some sort of fracture.  I had to tie his shoes, open the door for him, and help him into his truck.  I'm just glad he could use the bathroom on  his own!  Did I say help him into his truck?  Yep, he went to work today.  The life of the self-employed ain't all that sometimes.  He really had no choice but he's letting his helper drive and he'll just supervise today.  TGIF ... he needs to rest this weekend.

I'm gonna go home and rub some more Buddha bellies this afternoon.  We need some better luck!  

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Bobby said...

hope it gets better for yall!!!

Sandee said...

Yikes on that fall. If I see a Buddha I'll rub his tummy too for Ken. He shouldn't have gone to work today, but you already know that. When he comes home it rest time for the rest of the weekend. Poor thing.

You are both in my prayers. ☺

Neophyte Cruiser said...

I hope the Buddha helps, because you two need to get free of the land and start cruising, where it is safer! Here's hoping all is well with Ken and you get a bite on your house soon. Good luck and good health!

Latitude 43 said...

Oh No! I'm not sure I would lay around either. He probably doesn't want to stiffen up.

If I come across Buddha, I will generate good wishes for you.
Mix up a nice cocktail tonight and watch Captain Ron.

We hope Ken feels better soon. Take care you guys.

Paul and Deb

Laura and Hans said...

First of all, I hope Ken's injuries don't turn out to be worse and he mends quickly. And I hear you about insurance; ours is so stinking expensive yet it covers very little. We keep hearing that you can get a better deal with X insurance company but we've yet to find it. If and when we go cruising again, we will be doing it with no health care and our fingers crossed.

Dani said...

Oh dear! Geesh, this puts a real kink in everything doesn't it? Sorry to hear Ken got injured. I really really hope everything works out with the insurance and it's nothing serious.

Emily said...

Ah man, I am just getting caught up on blogs after our move (we're house-sitting in Kansas City now), and I see this bad news! I am so sorry about Ken and HOPE he is already feeling a lot better. What bad luck! :-(

Turf to Surf said...

Oh no! Poor Ken...being injured is a such a pain (literally and cuz it interferes with everything), so I really feel for him. Better get him a few good books!



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