Thursday, April 18, 2013

Becoming A Cruiser, Our List

What is that in our backyard?!  Nirvana has become a stranger that we can't wait to get re-acquainted with.

Recently I posted our haul-out expenses and our pre-cruising expenses.  I wish that our pre-cruising expenses list was complete, but instead it will grow significantly once our house sells.  So, in case you were wondering what we plan on adding to Nirvana in preparation for cruising ... here's a list of what I've come up with so far.  I'm sure this list will also grow, and it will be interesting to see how it compares to reality.

This list is in no particular order, but I separated the projects from the add-ons.  I put a question mark by the items that we'd like to have, but aren't sure about.  We'll go without them if our budget requires it. 


Inspect and repair/replace plumbing as needed (hoses, valves, etc)
Install fresh and saltwater foot pumps
Inspect and repair/replace electrical as needed
Replace lights with LED lighting
Add cockpit lighting
Inspect and repair/replace rigging as needed
Paint deck with anti-skid product
Replace rotten interior wood, including bulkhead (hope this isn't too difficult)
Clean and oil interior teak
Clean exterior teak ... looking into LOW maintenance product, perhaps Semco
Build small step under v-berth (it's tough being short)
Add storage compartments in aft cabin (guests can sleep in salon)
Install new laminate or decoupage salon table and navigation station (hate that fake wood look!)
Build and install lazy jack system for our new sail pack
Build overhead plate/cup holder in galley
Add extra cabinet in head
Customize shelves for storage
Security bars (removable for safety) for hatches/companionway
Build mount on stern for dinghy motor (starboard)
Build stern seats (starboard)
Replace exterior handrails (perhaps teak alternative)
Create jerry can rack?
Haul-out boat for quick bottom job and inspection

*These projects will keep us busy after our house sells, but Ken can build a house in 3-4 months so once we start on these projects we'll knock them out pretty quickly ... a few months.


Caframo Fans, 2-3 more
4-way Windscoop
Solar Shower
Quick-Dry Towels
Oversized Anchor
Anchor Chain
Additional Fenders & Covers
Electric Windlass
Companionway Hatch (starboard)
Cockpit Cupholders (we have none)!
New Sunbrella Bimini
Tarp (for shade)
Solar Panels
Honda Generator
Diesel Cans/Funnel
Wind Generator?
Hatch Screens (maybe I can make these)
Locks for Boat & Dinghy
Anti-Corrosion Spray
Bolt Cutters
Wasp Spray (a good weapon)
First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguisher
Handheld GPS
Paper Charts
Manual Bilge Pump
Mast Steps (or Bosun Chair?)
SSB Radio?
Ice Maker?
Propane Stove in Place of Alcohol Stove?
Fishing Rod/Net
Spear Gun
Inflatable Swimming Pool Rafts/Chairs
12v Television/DVD
Wireless Internet (perhaps Wirie)
Spare Filters, Parts, Water Pump
Assorted Hand Tools
Clear Umbrella
Storage Bins
Storage Hammocks
Products We Hope Never To Use ... such as hole fillers, plugs, etc.
Lots of  Assorted Tape!
Galley Items (nesting pots, collapsible containers, etc.)
Hanging Shoe Holder(s) for Bathroom Items/Small Things

We already have a ton of music and we'll start working on downloading a collection of movies onto our new external hard drive in the future.  We wouldn't go anywhere without our music, and those movies will be nice on rainy days or lazy nights.  Books, our e-reader (Nook), Scrabble, a deck of cards and a pair of dice will be on board as well.  If we could have whatever we wanted, we'd also love an inflatable kayak or two!  Instead, we'll probably settle for boogie boards.  Luckily, we already have snorkel gear and swim fins.  I was given a wet suit by a friend (thanks Ted) but will Ken need one?  A new hammock for the bow has been patiently waiting for its spot for about a year now ...

  We gotta eat and drink, so there will be lots of canned nuts, canned tuna/chicken, pasta, peanut butter, beer and wine stashed away somewhere.  All that beer and wine (and rough seas) will require a collection of  Ibuprofen and other over-the-counter medications.  Oh, and lots of sunscreen!  

Whew ... we've got to sell our house soon.  All of these things really add up!  At least we'll be accruing a ton of credit card travel miles when the time comes.  You know, there's registries for weddings ... how about a registry for bon voyage parties?  That's something I may think about.

So, what have I missed that you wouldn't leave without?  I didn't try to list every little thing, but we'd love to hear your suggestions.  

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Sandee said...

You have all the emergency equipments like lots of flares, mirrors, safety vests and the like. I'm sure you do. You've quite a list, but that's what it takes. You'll figure out what you need and what you don't. First aid kit should be tons of stuff. If you're out in the nowhere you need to have more than most first aid kits have.

Have a fabulous day. ☺ said...

Hmm, that's quite a list! And it reminds me of how different things are when you are planning to sail in warm waters. Up here you wouldn't catch me going off without our water/windproof blankets for the cockpit, and, of course, all the foul weather gear. And batteries, plus battery chargers for phones/cameras/ etc. Also, extra towels that you don't use for bathing. And a large tupperware container with a lid, which makes a very useful washing machine in the cockpit. Also a canvas bucket on a line. Dip it over the side and scoop water to wash off the deck after pulling up anchor. So many things...

Anonymous said...

Be careful of the weight. A 30 ft boat has its limits. Scotch the TV and just use a laptop. I never used my anchor windlass on Satori and I had a 45lb CQR with 3/8 in chain. Just pulled it in by hand. Going small also means going simple. Less work in paradise that way!

Drew Frye said...

So much to look forward to!

* Yup, loose the TV. But do get some up-grade speakers, like Bose.
* I threw my Solar Shower away. Better to heat water in a pot.
* I prefer Precast FRP sheet to Starboard for most things. I can often find cut-offs around the yard. Also consider Coosa board.
* Corr-Block tested best against wire corrosion (PS).
* Wasp spray as a weapon is urban legend. Google. It doesn't even sting.

The list is going to need some trimming, just for space. You'll work it out, I have faith.

Dani said...

I can relate to lists like this! We forwent an Electric Windlass, and got a mast mate instead of mast steps.

There are a million and one things I could think of buying to get our boat "ready" as we think we'll need it, but we are really trying to adopt the whole "don't buy it till you KNOW you need it" attitude when it comes to certain things.

I'm assuming when you leave you'll go down the coast of Florida where you'll find TONS of boat shops with used and discounted items. There are many items we are going to wait to see if we need when we get to FL.

+250 for the Cockpit cupholders. We don't have any either and I really really can't wait to get some.

Here's to both of our lists getting smaller.

Unknown said...

I would delete the question mark next to EPIRB! That is the single most important piece of safety equipment you can have if you plan to do any offshore sailing! As you start cruising you will find you need less and less of the "recommended" gear. Good luck on the transition!

Ken n Cheryl said...

Sandee, we'll definitely have safety on our mind! Alex, you're not the first to tell us of the importance of the EPIRB and we're listening. Offshore sailing ... not in the plans (yet)!

Dani, thanks for your support and we really can't wait to see our list get smaller ... as well as yours. Exciting stuff! We agree that leaving is more important than a fully stocked boat. Most of the items with a question mark won't be on Nirvana. I bet Florida does have some better deals. Have you found that there's not nearly as many sailboats in Louisiana? Seems that way. BTW, why build a cockpit without cup holders?! =)

LCP, we've seen the canvas buckets and hope to get somebody to sew us one someday. The plastic bowl/bucket for laundry .. definitely!

Drew, we've never heard of Coosa board before. Will have to look into that and the FRP out for starboard alternatives. The less teak on the boat, the less maintenance!

Mike M. said...

You've got quite a list there, but pre-planning is key and will help ensure success!

You mentioned music and movies. One recommendation I have is instead of using external hard drives to store digital information, use high capacity USB flash drives. There's no moving parts like hard drives that will surely fail.

I've already got my music and movie collections on 128GB flash drives. They're a little more expensive [per GB] than a hard drive, but won't fail nearly as easily.

Hang in there and you'll be back out in no time at all!


Kaarin said...

You're gonna need, not just want, a dodger. When you get into some weather and you will, you'll want to be able to open the companionway hatch to go below whatever.Don't want rain or seas dumping below. You can leave the hatch open some too. You can duck behind when you need too. Gives you lots of protection. Your bimini should have a piece made for the aft end of it that zips or attaches with snaps to top and ties down to stern for anchoring. You're nose the trades and the sun goes down and bakes the cockpit, you and the companionway. And later, a large awning from mast to backstay and side to side with side curtains. When you live in the tropics, these are things that keep boat cool. On the bow a canvas piece to tie to forestay and/or pulpit and go back to mast and tie on side lifelines or stanchions. NO wind scoop. With the canvas you can leave fwd hatch open in all but blowing sideways rain.When sleeping, if it rains, don't have to jump up and get wind scoop off and close hatch.

Ken n Cheryl said...

Mike, I don't know much at all about hard drives vs flash drives. I've been under the impression of just the opposite .. that flash drives would go bad. Thanks for the info!

Kaarin, we plan on adding zippers to our bimini next Spring before we leave to add shade/wind/rain protection and we hope to have a tarp as for shade over the hatch area. We hope to have a dodger in the future, but we really are on a shoestring budget ... I know there are boats out there with a lot less.

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