Tuesday, March 11, 2014

As The Sun Sets, We Begin A New Chapter!

The sun sets, the seasons are changing, and our family is about to start a new chapter!
Ken and I had a great (and busy) weekend with our daughter, working on wedding preparations.  We had lots of discussions about all those little details, trying not to forget anything.  There's so much more to consider when getting married in a barn at a private residence instead of at a wedding reception hall ... bathroom facilities, lighting, electricity, clean up, etc.  However, our daughter is doing an amazing job of coordinating everything, and we're getting excited.
We visited the bakery and finalized the wedding cake, went to the hardware store to get our daughter's choice of wood for the dance floor and arbor that Ken's going to build, found dresses for my daughter and I to wear to the rehearsal dinner (not matching of course), met with the seamstress for final alterations on the wedding dress (it's so beautiful),  and bought a suit for Ken.
Buying a suit may not sound like a big deal, but it was for us.  Ken has avoided buying a suit for 47 years!  This is the first (and probably last) suit that Ken has ever owned.  Whenever we had a wedding or funeral to attend, slacks and perhaps a sports coat were all he needed.   As "father of the bride", this occasion is obviously a bit more special!
After our daughter headed back to her "college home" on Sunday afternoon, we decided to drive just 5 minutes down the road to the local beach.  After such crappy weather just a few days earlier for Mardi Gras and a winter that just won't end, this past weekend was beautiful.  Sitting on the beach and looking at the lake was so peaceful ... a perfect way to end the busy weekend.
As we watched the sun set, I reflected on our time with our daughter.  I thought about how quickly she has grown from our baby girl (our little buddy) into a grown woman ... and our friend.  As the sun set, I thought about how the season is changing (goodbye Winter!) and how a new chapter is starting for our family.  Our daughter is getting married, and graduating from college!  Every ending means a new beginning.  We're not losing a daughter, but gaining the son we never had ... and he (and his family) are pretty awesome!
Life is good.
To our left ... those piers lead to some pretty nice houses, which are hidden by an overgrown, grassy lot just past those two guys.  Don't let the sunbather fool you ... it's not hot yet, and the water is freezing!

Straight ahead, we had this view ... notice that huge piece of beautiful driftwood!  To the left of the horizon is the railroad bridge (see it in the "up" position) that we have to sail through when heading from Slidell to Mandeville.  The horizon also shows the bridge taking drivers from Slidell to New Orleans.

To our right is where the sun sets over the piers ... my battery died again before I got a shot.  Damn camera!  That's also where we sail to Mandeville.

Such a peaceful evening, and the lake was like glass!  Ken enjoying the view and thinking of our own "freedom" while wearing the shirt given to him by John of Kewl Change.  He owns a catamaran named "Freedom" that he is chartering on the East Coast and in the Bahamas ... thanks John!

Change is coming, and we're looking forward to the future!

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!

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