Friday, March 1, 2013

Beer Day!

Taken at Jost Van Dyke ... across from Foxy's

Today is Beer Day ... in Iceland!  The people of Iceland celebrate March 1st as the day that prohibition ended in 1989.  Actually, beer had been legal since 1935 unless it was "strong beer", which consisted of an alcohol content of 2.25% or more.  Ken and I got married in 1989.  I can't imagine beer being illegal back then!  Luckily beer was legal in Louisiana, which made for a much better wedding!

 Since we don't live in Iceland, March 1st has a different meaning for us.  It means that the time change is coming up, and we probably only have about another month of cold weather.  We're looking forward to the longer days, warmer weather, leaves sprouting from the trees, the scent of flowers blooming, and sailing Nirvana.  Soon we'll be giving Nirvana a good "spring cleaning" and begin to get reacquainted with our lonely boat.   Also, the real estate market usually picks up in the summer, so we're hoping that will mean a contract on our house by then.

I can't wait to get back to my spot in the cockpit!

August, 2010 - Lake Pontchartrain

We don't live in Iceland, but we may as well celebrate their day with a "Landshark"!

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Sandee said...

You and me both. I love the warm weather months and all the boating and all the cruises and all the cocktails and everything else that goes with boating.

Have a fabulous day and weekend. ☺

Unknown said...

Maybe things will go well and you can do a passage down to the San Blas Islands in Panama. We will be there in June and would be great to meet the couple behind the dream.

John and Kelly
s/v Emerald Lady

New Girl... on the dock! said...

No beer in 1989 just seems crazy. And they drink a lot there in Ireland. No beer at your wedding would have seemed just as crazy.
I too am looking forward to the warm weather. I don't like the cold, and here in MT there is a lot of that. I just hunker down through what seems 3/4 of the year just waiting for those few months that we get to play and bask in the sunshine.
I long for the year (7 from now) when we cut the ties here and go cruise full time.
Shawnae & Mark
S/v New Girl... on the dock!

Anonymous said...

Love the post.

I can't wait for launch day. About 6 weeks for us now.

I spent the weekend working on the boat. It really made me miss her being in the water.

We'll both be sailing soon. And hopefully homeless!

Fair winds,


Ken n Cheryl said...

John n Kelly ... the San Blas islands in June sound great! Unfortunately, we won't be "leaving the dock" that soon. We'll look forward to reading your posts about that beautiful area!

Shawnae, I don't think I could live in MT! I guess we're lucky to have about 7 months of warm weather here. I know you're looking forward to cruising ... us too!

svSmitty ... 6 weeks! I'm jealous, but looking forward to reading about it. Congrats!

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