Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Documented Boat!

Over four months ago I wrote about the costs and application process for getting our boat documented with the US Coast Guard.  Last week, we finally got our certificate. 

We were getting worried when we hadn't heard anything from the Coast Guard in 4 months.  When I called about 2 or 3 weeks ago, I was told that they've been behind and the turnaround time is about four months.  They said they had received our application and that we should be hearing something shortly.  I don't know if my call prompted anything, but just a couple of days later I received a letter from the Coast Guard.  It said that they needed clarification of the title, and it included a form that they needed us to sign and get notarized. The very next day we had the form signed, notarized and faxed back to the Coast Guard.  We hoped it wouldn't be another four months before hearing anything.  To our surprise, we had our certificate within a week.

I really didn't know what the certificate looked like, and what do ya know ... it looked like a certificate!  I also kind of expected that we'd also receive some sort of sticker or something.  Nope ... just the certificate with instructions to add the document number somewhere visible inside of our boat.  Also, the number had to be added in a way that would result in damage if removed at a later time.  They want this thing permanent!  

When I called to check on the status, I was told that our boat had been previously documented.  They were able to tell by the hull number of the boat.  We were surprised to hear that our boat had been documented before, because we've never found those permanent numbers anywhere in the boat.  I guess the previous owners never got around to it ... or maybe they were drug dealers living on the edge!  That makes for a better story anyway.

Since I knew the boat had been previously documented, I "googled" our document number once we received it to see what I could find.  It turns out that it had been documented under the name of "Synteny".  We knew the boat had been named that at one point from old papers we had found on the boat.  When we bought the boat, she was named "Warwick", and we re-named her "Nirvana", which means eternal bliss ... that's what we're looking for!  I looked up the meaning of "Synteny" and it's some sort of scientific term meaning "two genes that occur on the same chromosome" ... is that like two peas in a pod?!  I doubt it, but I like that better ... Ken and I are the two peas in the boat pod!   I also looked up "Warwick", which made me think of spells and witches ... wait that's "warlock".  "Warwick" actually means a dwelling by the river-dam.  That makes more sense.  I guess I don't have to worry about evil spells after all.

So, if you want to get your boat documented don't wait till the last minute!  It takes a while, but it's not difficult.  Basically, just pay them the money ... isn't that what they really want?

Now to figure out where to put the numbers in the boat.  I don't want it to interfere with my future decor!

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Paul said...

My documentation numbers are in the hanging locker. The Coast Guard office that issues the certificates is only 10 miles from where I work so I hand carry the renewal, wait about 10 minutes and have the new certificate.

Unknown said...

Our document number is inside the starboard lazarette. It's burnt into a piece of wood and glued to the hull.

Emily said...

When we bought our C30, Logos, she had previously been documented. There was a large heavy wooden plaque with the numbers on it glued onto a portion of the wood inside the boat (under the nav station). We did eventually remove it, and it DID damage that area. Took a little repair work to clean that up! I guess they've gotten away from the wooden plaques since then! Congrats on becoming documented -- you're official now! :-)

John said...

We started the process in sept and found or today when I called in that we are back on the bottom of a 4 month pile due to additional paperwork needed. W are suck in FL waiting for documentation to cross to the Bahamas..

Sandee said...

I recognize that alright. We have our documented too. Good for you.

We get our boat inspected by the coast guard every year and we are required in California to have the numbers in the engine compartment. You might want to check on the coast guard site for all the things required in your state in case you are boarded by local law enforcement or the coast guard.

Vessel Safety Check Website

Have a terrific day. ☺

New Girl... on the dock! said...

Hey that is pretty cool that you know some of the other names of your boat. I would love to know some of the history of ours. Congratulations on the documentation.

Gremlins Hammer said...

Congrats on getting your documentation. We just got new one last week.

Laura and Hans said...

I remember trying to figure out how we were supposed 'document' out boat since Hans is a Canadian citizen with a green card who bought a boat in the U.S !!!!!
At the end of the day, for us to go to the Bahamas, we only had to have our boat registration with proof of ownership. What a pain it was trying to figure this all out.
How exciting for you that you now have that mess out of your way!

John Wanamaker, s/v Emerald Lady said...

Congrats. We made about a dozen copies of ours and keep them, along with our insurance, passports and Mexican travel papers in an expanding binder so we have everything handy when we go into each Port Captain.

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