Friday, December 2, 2011

We Have Great Gifts for Sale!

Okay, we rarely try to push our products but ... it's Christmas time and we have great, inexpensive gifts for the male and female pirate inside all of us!  Please take a minute to check out our original t-shirts, waterproof backpacks, lotions, gels and soaps.  We designed these ourselves, and at about $15 (plus S&H) these would make a great gift for the holidays, bon voyage parties, birthdays, etc.   Our "Caribbean Splash" shower gel is a big hit and I wish you could smell it ... really good stuff!

We're hoping this helps with our cruising kitty and we think we're offering some great products, so please consider making a purchase and/or passing the word around by clicking the "Share" button at the bottom of this page.  We'd appreciate it!
Just click on a picture for more information.

                                                        BACKPACKS                          T-SHIRTS 

Our soaps, gels and lotions are not only for women!  So, if you want a gift for a man or woman, our products are a great choice.  The soaps, gels and lotions can have either the "Pampered Pirate" label or the "Pickled Pirate" label from our brother site.  Just let us know which label you would like when placing your order.

LOTIONS                SHOWER GELS

Our gift sets combine a little bit of everything to make your shopping easy!  Pictures coming soon!

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