Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Fresh Bottom!

Since getting the shaft and other boat parts, we decided to break away from that project and give Nirvana's bottom some attention.  It's been "exposed" for almost a year now and we were finally ready to wash, sand, prime and paint it.  This past weekend we finished painting Nirvana's bottom black, which was exciting for us because it means we should be getting Nirvana back in the water pretty soon.

We used Petit Protect for the primer and Petit Trinidad 75 for the anti-fouling paint.  This stuff isn't cheap, but we used it when painting Nirvana's bottom in 2010 and we were very happy with it.  Painting the bottom was a breeze compared to painting Nirvana's top!  Ken made a couple of touch-ups on the deck with Interlux Perfection and we've avoided walking around on top to take any pictures.  We've checked out Ken's touch-ups from a ladder and overall they look pretty good.  However, there is one section that Ken will probably touch-up one more time.  It's just too flat and painting with a brush isn't all that difficult when done on the hard.

Ken plans on installing the new shaft, stuffing box and coupling this week if he can break away from work.  The marina awaits, ole man winter is on its way and we're getting anxious.

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Sandee said...

We did this two years ago so we have a couple more years before we have to do this again. Looking good.

Our boat is now at the shop for the last face lift. New canvas all around, new screens, a flat screen television, all new seating in the cockpit, new blinds all around and a new cabinet for holding wine glasses and other stuff. I can't wait to see the end result.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Ronnie Ricca said...

Hey guys, I just found your website! How exciting, she's looking great! A boat always looks so dapper with a freshly painted bottom! Hope to see you around Slidell or on the water sometime! Keep it up!


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