Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Day at the Mardi Gras

Yet another year has flown by, and another Mardi Gras has turned up.  As long as we're still living so close to New Orleans, Ken and I have gotta spend at least one day in the French Quarter to take part in the Mardi Gras festivities.  There's no floats or parades in our plans ... that would require leaving the French Quarter, and why would we wanna do that?!

I imagine that most visitors to the city would want to stand along the parade routes to catch some beads and trinkets.  As a New Orleans native, I've been to countless parades and have become burnt out on them.  Don't get me wrong, I've got some amazing memories of our days on St. Charles street.  There's nothing like waking up on the floor (you sleep where you can) of a friend's St. Charles residence on Mardi Gras morning ... the sounds of friends chattering on the balcony, revelers on the streets, and music in the air ... great times!  But, our friend no longer lives on St. Charles so ... the French Quarter it is the past few years.  Not to mention, we've been lucky enough to have another great friend with her own balcony hook-up ... on Bourbon Street ... with free food and alcohol ... and bathrooms!  Thank Judy!

As in the past few years, we start the day on the balcony to fill up our stomachs ... and our red solo cups.  We then walk up and down Bourbon Street, while taking in the sites and making new friends. When we need to refill our cups (and empty our bladders), we head back to the balcony.  While there, we may as well throw a few beads down to the party below before hitting the streets again.

Me and Judy at the "Funky Pirate" bar on Bourbon ... one of our favorite places for live music!  Ken took this picture ... have you noticed he hates to be in a picture?

I've been terrible lately about taking pictures for our blog.  New Orleans' Mardi Gras ... what a perfect opportunity for pictures right?  Well, I guess we were having way too much fun to pull out the camera.  I've only got two pictures!

Oh well, if the small amount of pictures is a reflection of the good times ... we had a great time!  If there aren't pictures as evidence, then we got away with it, right?

Um, I guess there is evidence that I hogged the king cake.  What's a girl to do when she's been drinking Crown  & 7 all day and they've run out of all the other food?  Let us eat cake!

Like last year, today's "Fat Tuesday" is a crappy weather day.  Highs in the 40's (feeling like the 30's) with a drizzle throughout the day ... there's not enough alcohol for this Southern girl!  So, just like last year, our Mardi Gras has been limited to only one day.  Oh well, one day on a Bourbon St. balcony is better than none.  But damn it, I really do miss those grilled oysters that we're used to enjoying at the Acme Oyster House party Judy take us to every Mardi Gras day. 

For those new to our blog, here's a few pics from those days ... Ken's dad joined us in 2012.

and he threw a few beads too.

The streets start to fill up, and things get crazy.  You won't see all the pics I've taken over the years ... oh, the stories I could tell.  The girls, and guys, will do some ridiculous stuff to get a pair of beads.  I had a guy pull down his pants and sing ,,, and I even had a guy do some other crazy stuff, but I don't wanna scar you with the image, so I'll spare ya.  

Now don't let the peek inside our adventures scare you from visiting.   Actually, the Mardi Gras days are pretty mellow and things don't get crazy until after dark.  It's been many years since we've taken part in those times, as we leave before dark nowadays.

In 2013, the Honorary Mayor of Key West, Sammie "Gonzo" Mays joined Ken, Judy and I for a day of fun.  She wore her Margarita bullets, which we a hit ...

and she enjoyed some time on the balcony too!

Homer was also there that year ...

In 2011, we ran into these folks from Key West at the "Funky Pirate" ... they had just gotten married!  

Aaahh ... a picture with Ken in it (also from 2011).

Here's a few more pics from 2011, when I took out my camera more often.  Wanna see more from the years?  Just hit the Mardi Gras tag on the right of our site.

There were a few celebrities that year ... Lady Gaga, Charlie Sheen & the "Hangover" guy!

New Orleans may get some bad news sometimes, but doesn't every large city?  I tell ya, this place if full of great culture, architecture, food and friendly folks.  We love our city ... you gotta come visit!

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!

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Anonymous said...

You guys always make he best of an adventure! When I plan my trip to NOLA, I know who to call for tips! Thanks for posting.


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