Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stepping Back

Save us a spot ... taken across from Foxy's on the island of Jost Van Dyke, BVI

Ken & I are still trying to figure out what steps to take to bring our cruising plans to reality.  In the meantime, Ken and I have taken our home off the market for a few months.  Showing the house has been exhausting, and we just need a break from worrying about it.  We're "stepping back" from the constant focus of selling our house.  By the end of the year we'll decide if we want to try selling the house again, or put it on the market as a rental. 

I've picked up some promising real estate clients, and have been busy showing them homes when I'm not working at my "now less than part-time" job.  Since I've been a real estate agent for over a decade now, and have had some profitable years in the past (too many years in the past!) ... it feels good to be dealing with out-of-state clients again and it definitely lifts my spirits to think I may have a good paycheck before the end of the year.

Time flies, and before we know it our focus will be back on our house and cruising.  Until then we have a ton of things to keep us busy (as always)!  Our newly married daughter and son-in-law have new jobs and a pre-approval for a loan ... meaning Ken is going to start building their house in about a month.  That, along with his regular jobs, will keep him busy till the end of the year.  

We're anxious to get our focus back on the boat, work or fun.  However, we're thrilled about sharing yet another major experience with our daughter.  Building her a house will be a priceless time in our lives, just as working on her barn wedding was.  

By the beginning of 2015, our daughter should be settled in her new home ... and we can empty the contents of our house into hers!  Getting rid of all our stuff will be so much easier this way.  Whatever doesn't make it to her home will be sold, and we'll be ready to downsize.

We never know what life has in store for us, and it's often not in the time frame that we'd like.  But, we have a lot to be thankful for.  

Thanks to all of you that have shared such kind words with us regarding the latest turn of events.  It means so much to us to know that there are so many folks sending good vibes our way and wishing us well.  Words can't describe how much we appreciate it, and we hope to meet many of you someday ... further South!  I'm gonna sit in that chair on Jost Van Dyke again, so save it for me.

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Emily said...

Sounds like you two are rolling with the punches the best you can, and the house building for your daughter will be a blast, and keep you occupied on something positive instead of just worrying about selling your house. It's a huge plus that you can then help her fill it up with furniture from your place! If you do end up deciding or needing to rent your house out, you might get lucky and end up with renters who want to buy it -- maybe think of a lease/purchase deal or something? I am always pulling for you two to make your dreams come true, and I know they will. Delays are frustrating, but you're still young and energetic, and I have faith that you WILL have the life you dream of one day. In the meantime, have fun and keep your chins up! said...

That sounds like a good idea. I think when something is too hard, it's because the timing just isn't right. I know that's why we had so much trouble selling out boat. Maybe a break will give you a fresh perspective.

Behan - s/v Totem said...

Aw, I'm sorry to hear it. Timing is tough, and ultimately, "the market" decides the price. We ended up keeping our house- didn't plan to, didn't want to!- for that reason. But I'm sure you two will come up with a plan: this dream is part of you, and won't always be a dream!

Sandee said...

Things will come together when it's time for them to. I know how disappointing it is to think you are this close, then to have it yanked away the next moment. Hang in there.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

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