Monday, May 5, 2014

Still ...

Just over 2 years ago, I wrote about our struggles to cruise and get the house on the market.  I read over this post again, and sadly realized that I could have written this post today!  Other than putting the house on the market, we're faced with the same struggles ... still.

We're still working more than 5 days a week, we're still dealing with deadbeat tenants (it's the 5th and no rent), we're still doing maintenance on our house, and we're still waiting for the house to sell.  However, we're hopeful that this will be our year!  Our house was shown yesterday (they loved it but don't know if they can afford it ... shouldn't they have figured that out first?!) and will be shown again today.  The negative talk about flood insurance has finally seemed to stop, and recent changes should have folks realizing that the premiums aren't that bad ... at least not for our house.

Another thing we're still doing ... planning on cruising!   Sometimes it seems we're never gonna get there, and when you have plenty of time to think about things ... you start having doubts.  What if this is just wrong for us?  What if we're giving our house away?  But, we always come back to the same conclusion ... we're not giving up.  Heck, giving up wouldn't be any easier anyway.  We'd continue to be stuck working all the time and never getting anywhere.

So, when are we going to start doing some sailing stuff?  Well, it doesn't look like it will be any sooner than June.  While we can't wait to put the sails back on Nirvana and take her to the lake, every weekend for the next month is booked.  Between work, our daughter's college graduation, a good friend's wedding, and maintenance to our house there just isn't any extra time this month.  We're hoping that we'll have plenty of time for sailing this Summer (and the rest of our lives), but I guess we gotta be patient.

We did get some time on the lake yesterday.  After working Saturday and early Sunday, we joined our friends on their SeaRay power boat.  The day was gorgeous and we had a great time.  I didn't get any pictures ... for two reasons.  My camera keeps acting up and hasn't worked since it died at the end of our riverboat cruise.  Even if it had been working, I just feel funny pulling out the camera during certain times.  I don't want to be disrespectful.  I guess everyone's taking pictures nowadays, but sometimes I'd be the only one with the camera, so I just keep it tucked away.

Just like Easter Sunday, as soon as we got home and relaxed ... our tenant called with a problem!  We managed to put it off till today ... lucky us.  

Oh, one more thing we're still doing as in our post from two years ago ... planning a vacation!  Back then we were planning a trip to the US and British Virgin Islands with our credit card miles.  If you haven't heard ... we're going to Mexico this summer (also with our credit card miles).  We can't wait!

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Sandee said...

Perhaps you need to sell your rentals too. It would mean less work for you and the stress of trying to collect the rent. I'd hate that.

Hang in there. ☺

Brian and Erika said...

Sounds familiar. Afraid we are in a similar situation. In the meantime, we have been having plenty of fun enjoying the boat and building the kitty while we wait for the other things in our life to allow us to get cruising.

Keep on working at it, you will get there.

Unknown said...

We were always worried that the house would not sell and our dream would be stuck.
Eventually it did sell, we bought a boat and have now been living aboard and sailing for the last 4 years.
What an amazing 4 years it has been and we have no plans to stop.
We may be broke, many miles from home but I would not swap the places we have seen and the people we have met for anything.
Keep dreaming.. you will be there soon.

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