Saturday, April 19, 2014

Out Of This World!

Not too long ago I was watching one of my favorite documentaries, Ancient Aliens, and was once again contemplating the possibility of aliens co-existing (and possibly mating) with our ancestors thousands of years ago.  The show often talks about theories of aliens visiting our planet, and possibly being the "missing link".   Although some of the theories are a little hard to buy, and sometimes the show is a bit too theatrical and dramatic ... I still enjoy watching it.  I've been fascinated with the concept of aliens since I was a kid.  I loved  "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "ET".  Haven't watched those movies?  You gotta! 

Whether or not you believe this stuff, the show shares some facts that are pretty amazing.  Ancient artifacts from around the world that tell the same story, Stonehenge and the pyramids, Hitler's fascination with aliens and implementing it in his production of weapons ... all of it so interesting to me.

I can't help but think that whether or not aliens helped create the human race, they've had to exist at some point.  Maybe it was thousands of years ago, maybe it's today.  After all, our planet is just a speck in the solar system.  Remember the days in school when we were taught that our solar system had nine planets?  This past February scientists discovered over 715 new planets in our solar system, bringing the count to over 1700 planets.  Wrap your head around that!  (Geez, I'm glad I only had to memorize nine planets in my science class).  Of the newly discovered planets, four could host life.  Wouldn't it be a little close-minded to think that with all those planets out there (that we know about), we're the only human-like creature around?

When thinking of sailing across oceans (just coastal cruising for us!), the world seems so large.  Yet, when I think about our solar system, the Earth seems so insignificant.  Are we kidding ourselves in thinking that we're superior?  But, then I think about how much emotion we feel and how much our race has invented ... I wonder.  But then again ... I think we underestimate the thoughts and emotions of our fellow creatures.  Elephants, dolphin, dogs and cats to name a few.  The stories that go viral about these creatures never cease to amaze me, and remind me that maybe we're not all that more superior ... especially if we're being viewed from out of space somewhere.

It's hard to comprehend what's out there, and when I think about the chain of life and the amazing creatures and beauty that our Earth holds ... I just don't know what to think.  However, I'm grateful to be on such a beautiful planet, and I can't wait to explore it further.

Some theories speak of ancient aliens visiting Earth and interacting with the humans here because their own planet was becoming less inhabitable.  Again, whether or not you believe the theory it should still make you take a look at our own planet and question where it's headed.  With Earth Day this Tuesday, remember to love and respect this Earth ... and love and respect your life on it.  It's pretty amazing!

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Emily said...

What an interesting post! I am like you; not really sure what to believe, but definitely open-minded. I know how little we do know, and to think that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe does seem arrogant and misguided. Dolphins have senses we can't even come close to mimicking, for instance. Intelligence comes in all forms. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this fascinating topic!

Unknown said...

I always enjoy your blogs! This was especially appropriate given it is Earth day today....I definitely have to share this, as I share in your thoughts and feelings about this subject as well.

Jessica said...

I love watching Ancient Aliens too! Just wait until you start visiting the places they talk about, it's so cool! Maybe you'll have to dive on the Bimini Road once you get to the Bahamas.

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