Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snow Storm?!

Another Saturday working, but at least this time I'm sitting at the real estate office answering the telephone.  Since this is on my own time (all of us agents have to take our turn) and the phones are slow today, I figured I'd steal the chance to catch up on paying some bills and also write a quick post.  I'm determined to keep this blog up, 'cause I know we'll sell our house this year and start cruising soon.

Not much going on besides work and winter.  Yesterday we had temps in the twenties, ice and sleet.  A little farther North there was "snow" as seen in the picture above.  Several parishes, including ours, closed down the schools and government offices ... folks up north must think we're wimps.  I tell ya one thing ... they can have it!  I couldn't live in the North unless I was unemployed.  There's no way I'd deal with shoveling snow and driving on icy roads everyday to go to work.  I survived the "blizzard" (can you hear the sarcasm) and made the 3-minute drive to the real estate office yesterday.  

We never got around to gathering and chopping firewood this year, and we just can't seem to bring ourselves to buying it from the guys on the side of the road for a small fortune.  Needless to say, we're getting tempted.  We love the warmth and beauty of a fire in our fireplace, and we just can't seem to get the chill out of the air.  I guess we can survive one more month.

As mentioned in a previous post, we now have a Roku.  I haven't had much time for television lately (falling asleep at 9:00 every night doesn't help), but I already love this thing.  It will be great to bring along on Nirvana, as it fits in the palm of my hand!  I'll write a post about the installation and what the Roku can do soon.

After about  two months of six-day work weeks, I'm hoping to have a break soon ... and only have a five-day work week!  Keeping up with household chores, our bills, and our businesses in my "free time" has been tough.  Tomorrow, I plan on gathering up everything to do our taxes.  With Ken and I being landlords and self-employed, it's not a quick task.  But, I'd rather deal with all this during the winter.  By Spring the taxes will be behind us and I should have a routine down to free up time for sailing.  If not, I'm still going sailing!

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Sandee said...

Yep, I heard about the big snowstorm and everything shutting down. Any excuse will do I guess. Bwahahahahaha.

You'll figure out how to manage your time. I know you will.

Have a fabulous weekend. ☺

Emily said...

I am SO with you, Cheryl -- I could NOT live up north. I know people are often "stuck" in a place due to jobs, kids' school, and so forth, but now that we are retired, we have no such limitation. No matter where we might be based, we WILL spend the majority of winter somewhere warm. REALLY enjoying North Padre Island this month as opposed to Kansas City!

Tasha | Turf to Surf said...

I love Roku :-) My favorite channel when I have a short attention span is the TED Talks add-on channel. Great time killer that doesn't make me feel guilty. After all, it's educational too!

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