Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Letting It Linger ...

With work surrounding Christmas, it really went fast!  I was back to work the very next day, and the next, and the next.  Thanks to the New Year's holiday, I finally have a break from my my jobs and four days off ... woo hoo!  On my first day off, I again engaged in my latest Sunday routine ... lounging and resting on the sofa while watching football.  I'm still fighting a cold and my spot on the sofa never looked so good ... and the Saints are going to the play-offs!

With a few days off before I'm working six days a week indefinitely, I decided to kick back the next few days and continue to enjoy my Christmas at home.  I'm "letting it linger"!  On Monday, my first day "home alone",  I never changed out of my new, incredibly soft zebra pajamas.  I hung out all day long while I enjoyed our tree, our fireplace adorned with stockings and garland hanging off the mantel, poinsettias, and my new toy.  I got what I was hoping for from Santa ... a Roku 3! I planned on messing around with the Roku a little while that morning, recording some music on my online recorder (Replay Music), checking out the new media recorder that I purchased online (Media Catcher), and around noon I'd get to posting this.  Well, that Roku sucked up my day.  I just had to check out every single channel that was available (picture above) and pick out the ones we'd want.  It took till two o'clock, and I started at nine!  I tell ya, there's a ton of channels on this thing, and I know I'm gonna love it.  I'll write another post soon about the set-up, the channels, and some other info soon.
Today I enjoyed the last day of the year, again in my jammies, and I'm holding onto Christmas just a little longer.  Just one more day off!  I haven't put away the gifts yet, so we have a bike in our den.  Santa brought Ken a new bicycle!  No, this bike doesn't fit well with our cruising plans, but it was so inexpensive that it's worth enjoying for a few months.  I'm buying a friend's old cruiser for practically nothing, so now Ken and I will be able to cruise the streets of the French Quarter and we can attend the weekly Bon Jeudi ride in Mandeville when the weather warms up a bit.

What else do we still have under our tree?  As I mentioned in my Christmas "wish list", a backpacking tent would be great for cruising.  Well, thanks to our daughter and future son-in-law ... we have one now!  It's small, lightweight and durable ... perfect for an overnight stay on the beach or for exploring when our boat is safely secured.  I envision docking Nirvana at some cheap marina in Guatemala while exploring other areas, kind of like MJ Sailing did recently.

With the Christmas tree still up and our gifts nearby, I'm also enjoying the lights and the ornaments that we've collected over the years.  So many of them have a story or a memory attached to them, which makes our tree really special to us.  The sailboat and anchor ornaments that our daughter gave us when we first decided that cruising was in our future (in 2009) hangs on the tree and reminds us of how supportive our daughter is.  Even when the news was fresh and a lot for her to digest, she supported us anyway.

The heart ornament given to Ken and I in 1996 that I've always loved, and the motorcycle given to us when we were "bikers".  There are so many ... some from trips and some from loved ones.  We love them all.


What we don't have on our tree are the ornaments below, which I saw during our recent visit to the French Quarter ... a merman!  I thought these were too funny, and had to take a picture.  There's something for everyone these days.

While I was getting frustrated with the progress (or lack of it) lately, I'm really enjoying some down time and the pleasures of our home during this time of year.  As they say, it's the journey ... not the destination.  

Ken and are hoping for a prosperous and healthy new year, and wishing you all the same!

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Gerry D. said...

Happy New Year Mid-Life! Wishing you the best for 2014. Been a blog follower for under a year, but feel your pain in waiting! We plan to sail thru retirement, still several years away but in the research/dream stage! And living in Land-Locked Alberta doesn't help....

Anyway, have a happy 2013!

Emily said...

Oooh, what a pretty bike! I hate that you'll have to give it up to go cruising (when the time comes), but Craigslist is excellent for that kind of thing. That's how I bought my beach cruiser to take to Belize! And when you sell it, you can put the proceeds to folding bikes, perhaps!

Patricia said...

I'm interested in what you have to say about the Roku 3. I bought one for myself for Christmas but haven't set it up yet.

sid said...

Happy New Year Cheryl! Yep, the bike looks too cool. Hope the year is prosperous and hey, everyday that passes is one day closer to livaboard cruiser!! And thanks for taking the time to read our blog, it means a lot..


Turf to Surf said...

Merry Christmas! Oh my god, that bicycle is BEAUTIFUL! It looks more like a piece of art than something you'd want to get dirty! But definitely get that thing dirty... that's what bikes are for :-)

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