Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Virgin Islands Trip, St John

Pulling into St. John, USVI ... view on our right

After two great days on St. Thomas, we decided to head to Red Hook and ride the ferry to St. John.  Once again, we jumped on the local bus and were at the ferry terminal in just minutes, and only $1 each!  The ferry runs every hour, so we were headed to St. John without much of a wait.  Below is the type of ferry that we rode to St. John.

As we approached St. John we had this beautiful view to our left ...

and this to our right (after passing all the boats in first picture) ...

  View of the dock ...

and the central area of St. John

that included this statue that I really liked .... "FREEDOM", with a conch shell and machete

We loved St. John, with its quaint shops and streets ... there are no high rise condos here!

Now Zen ... my kinda store!  I love Buddhas and zen stuff!

We went into the Zen store above, and the woman working there had moved to St. John about a year earlier.  She was working part-time at the store, and also paints to make extra money.  I'm not really into tattoos, but she had some matching "bracelet" tattoos on each wrist ... really cool!  This long-haired blonder definitely had that "zen" look, and I envied her laid-back lifestyle.  I went over my thoughts with Ken ... renting a place on St. John after we finish our cruising chapter, working at a "zen" store and getting a few tattoos ... someday?! 

Right alongside the dock of St. John was a great little beach (didn't need to go far) with cool beach bars, providing beautiful views.

I had to write our "MLC"  (Mid-Life Cruising) in the sand!

After exploring, we grabbed a taxi to Cinnamon Bay for the day.  More about that in our next post!

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Emily said...

St. John looks really beautiful! Hope to get there one day -- looks like just our kinda vibe. I'd hold off on the tattoos, though. They don't look so good on older women (or men), IMO, and we're all aging, whether we like it or not. Loving your gorgeous photos and story!

St_John_Villa said...

Welcome to St John. It is a fabulous island and while a bit busier than when we fist stepped on it some 30+ years ago it is magical to us.

Dani said...

Beautiful!!! Great Pictures, makes me feel like in the Islands in my work office.

I bet you wish you could wake up everyday to that.

I love the colors..bright and cheery.

Ken n Cheryl said...

Emily, you would love St. John! It's so laid back, clean and beautiful! As far as the tattoos ... I've never been a big fan and would never get what the sales woman got, but they sure looked cool on her! IF (that's a big if) I ever dare get something, it would have to be small and on my ankle or something. It would have to be done in the islands too!

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