Sunday, May 16, 2010

Night Out with the Orchestra

Last night Ken and I finally took some time for ourselves and had a "date night".  One of our favorite bands is Pink Floyd, and the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra was performing their music along with a local musician, Randy Jackson, from Zebra.  The show was fantastic!  Imagine an orchestra with a rock n roll singer, a jammin' guitar player, and a laser show.   The theater was small, so the sound and view were great.  Ken and I have been really busy with work so it was great to get away and relax a little. 

We had hoped to paint the hull of our sailboat as well as start fiberglass repairs on the blisters this weekend.  However, it rained yesterday and is raining again today.  Ken was able to sand the hull this past Friday evening and yesterday morning after priming it last Friday.  I then washed the boat in preparation for painting, but then the rain came and we had to pack up.  In the past 10 days we've only been able to prime the sailboat hull and sand it.  We're both busy with work again this week, but we're hoping to squeeze in some time for painting sometime this week.  The longer it takes the more we have to pay the boatyard, and it's adding up fast.

Hopefully we'll soon be telling you about our experience (a good one I hope) with Interlux Perfection paint.  Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!

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