Monday, March 15, 2010

Music to Our Ears!

When we took our sailboat, Nirvana, out for our first sail last weekend we quickly noticed the lack of sound in the cockpit area.  Although we have a stereo and speakers, the speakers are located in the salon.  Therefore, when in the cockpit it is difficult to hear the music without turning the volume way up.  We knew what our first project would be on the sailboat, cockpit speakers!

So, yesterday we went to the local automotive store and purchased some inexpensive speakers.  The speakers aren't marine speakers, but they're much less expensive.  If we have to replace them every couple of years, it's worth it. 

Ken cut a hole on either side of the cockpit and then ran speaker wire through the storage area underneath the cockpit and down into the aft cabin.  After securing the wire along the top of the aft cabin, he ran it to the stereo system nearby. 

It wasn't long before we had sound.  It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed just hanging out in the cockpit watching the ducks and listening to the radio.  The first of many projects to come.  Unfortunately, they won't all be so easy.  The next project, hauling out the sailboat and painting the bottom and hull, will take a lot more work and a lot more time.  So where did I put those Jimmy Buffet CD's?

Hasta luego ... until then.  Midlife Cruising!

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