Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mouth Like A Sailor!

Since we've jumped into the sailing world, we've realized that there's a whole different language in the sailing community.  We've recently learned new words such as starboard (right side of boat when you're in it), port (left side of boat when in it), helm (used to steer), bow (front of boat), stern (back of boat),  head (bathroom), galley (kitchen), salon (den), aft cabin (bed towards back of boat), v-berth (bed up front), tacking and jibing (sailing techniques), and lots of others.  When remodeling a sailboat, it's called a "refit".  Taking the sailboat out the water, a "haul out".  Who knew there were so many terms?  We're sure there's a lot more we'll become familiar with soon, and we'll have a "mouth like a sailor".  Then we need to learn Spanish?  Ugh! 

Hasta luego ... until then.  Midlife Cruising!

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