Friday, November 18, 2016

This Pirate Looks at 50!

Back in August of 2013,  I was inspired to write my own list of goals after reading Jimmy Buffet's book, "A Pirate Looks At Fifty".  I can't believe that post was over 3 years ago .. and I can't believe I'm already turning fifty this weekend! 

Below is the post from 2013 that I had written.  Obviously, I haven't scratched off hardly any of my goals before reaching fifty, but I'm well on my way to getting there.  I'm hoping we move on Nirvana this Spring and start cruising shortly afterwards.

I did, however, scratch off a few things that are dear to my heart ... watching our daughter graduate from LSU, watching her get married, and watching her dance at the wedding with Ken.  Those experiences are definitely highlights of my life.

Life is indeed short .. and man does it fly!  Here's looking forward to my 50's ... I think it's gonna be amazing!

Here's my post from 2013 ...

View from the roads of St. John, USVI

Until a few years ago, I'd never heard of a "bucket list".  Since then I've read several of these lists and thought about what I'd write if I made my own.  There would be all sorts of amazing things on that list.  However, trying to write down everything I'd like to do during this short time on Earth seems a little overwhelming.  There's so much I wanna do!

So instead of trying to think of everything I'd like to do, I thought I'd write down what I'd like to accomplish by the time I turn the age of fifty.  That's only just over three years away ... damn!  Anyway, by the time this "Pirate Looks At Fifty" (book review here) I'd like to ...

Quit my job
Live on our sailboat
Attend our daughter's college graduation
Experience sailing in the Gulf of Mexico
See our daughter get married (she's engaged)
Watch my husband dance with our daughter at her wedding
Sail at night, under a full moon
Cross the "Gulf Stream"
Watch dolphin at Nirvana's bow
Motor through the "swimming pool" of the Bahamas
Sit on a beach around a fire ... with cruisers and locals from the islands
Swim with the pigs in the Bahamas
Catch and grill my own lobster
Try surfing
Pet a stingray
Snorkel as much as possible
Lay in a hammock under the stars
Crack and eat conch
Have our daughter & her (soon-to-be) husband wake up with us on our boat ... in the tropics
Practice yoga in Georgetown
Catch a Mahi-Mahi
Make the leap from "Chicken Harbor" ... and not become a chicken
Visit Dean's Blue Hole
Hike in the Dominican Republic
Skinny dip in a quiet anchorage ... because I can!
Visit Cuba
Dance to salsa music at night with the locals
Hang out with Foxy in the BVI's ... again
Attend a full-moon party
Drink a few more "Painkillers" from the Soggy Dollar Bar
Maybe ... get a tattoo that says "Nirvana" on my inner wrist but it'd have to be on an island after we're cruising ... only then would it be meaningful
Define ourselves as cruisers!

Maybe not by the time I'm 50 but ... become a grandmother
Share this amazing lifestyle with grand-kids

Me n Foxy ... Jost Van Dyke, BVIs 2012

Then on to the Soggy Dollar Bar for a few Painkillers

If for some reason I don't make it to fifty then my husband, our daughter and her new family will be burdened with doing the above in my honor ... not such a bad thing to be burdened with.

Beyond that I'd love to visit Bali and Thailand, eat a simple meal on the floor with Buddhist monks ... wait, I feel another long list coming.  Better stop for now.

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor said...

Happy birthday and welcome to the club :-)

Unknown said...

That's a great list! And good for you to be out there working on it, instead of just dreaming it. That's the first step!
Once we get my eye healed up, we'll be back to working on our lists too. Believe me, 6 weeks of hanging around in marinas waiting for my retina to heal was NOT on our lists!

Emily said...

Happy birthday Cheryl! You still have plenty of time to accomplish your list, but the years only go faster after 50, so get crackin'! :-) Hope you have a wonderful day and that you'll soon start crossing off even more items on your list, especially those related to cruising!

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