Friday, October 14, 2016

Beaches of Cancun!

After our time on Isla Mujeres, we needed a day of adjustment ... on the beach!  After lunch at the beach-front restaurant, Ken & I put on our swimsuits and claimed an umbrella & chairs.  Aaahh ... the beaches of Cancun are beautiful!

We body-surfed for hours in the waves, and I found a few seashells that would make a great necklace for myself and our daughter!  In fact, one of the tiny shells had a perfectly round hole .. in just the perfect place!  What are the odds of that?!

During our time on Isla Mujeres, we didn't really just sit and relax on the beach for a day.  It was so nice to do absolutely nothing!

After getting showered that evening, we hopped on the local bus & headed downtown to walk and explore the area. Take a look at the supermarket!  The bottom floor was covered parking, and the store was two stories.  If you look close, you can see the escalators through the windows.  Ken & I had to go inside and take a look at this store!

Check this out ... a wine dispenser!  Just grab a glass, choose if you want a full or half glass, add your money, and drink while you shop!

There was an entire section of the store dedicated to tequila!

Ken and I walked around in awe for a few minutes checking out the cigar department, the deli with huge slabs of meat displayed, and the most beautiful produce section we'd ever seen.  We don't have these kinda stores in Louisiana!

The main strip in downtown was full of night clubs with foam parties and booze tours, which just isn't our thing ... I guess we've gotten old!  After a nice walk around town, we again hopped on the bus and headed back towards our hotel .. and then a little further.  There was an upscale mall (also not our thing) that had several outdoor restaurants on a lagoon (food is our thing)!  We had more tacos & tequila and enjoyed the moonlight on the water.

We had big plans the next day ... renting a tiny power boat to ride through the mangroves and go snorkeling!  Stay tuned ...

Hasta luego ... until then!  Mid-Life Cruising!

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Emily said...

What a grocery store! Didn't see any wine bars in the grocery stores in Playa del Carmen, but they were still pretty nice, with a wide variety of stock. Glad Cancun didn't end up being too bad. We've only been there for the airport and going to/from Isla Mujeres, because we don't like touristy stuff much either, but I am sure there are still fun things to do there as well. Glad you had fun and found things that appealed to you both!

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