Friday, September 30, 2016

Playa Norte Beach n Sunset!

After the ferry ride and walk to our hotel, Ken and I were ready to cool off at Playa Norte beach.   The beach was a short walk from our hotel, and was supposed to be one of the best beaches in Mexico.  It didn't disappoint!  The water was clear and beautiful ... and the temperature was perfect!

There were tons of boats anchored, and being in the water was like being in a giant swimming pool!  The water was so calm and clear, that we could easily see the tiny fish that kept nibbling at our feet.  I guess we were getting a free "fish pedicure"!  We heard one guy tell his friend, "I almost tripped over a fish!"  We laughed because we knew exactly what he meant.  It seemed the fish were fascinated with our feet, and they often got in the way.  Thankfully, they were small and harmless.

After feeling refreshed, Ken and I decided to see what the rest of Isla Mujeres looked like.  The best way to get around the island is either on a golf cart or a scooter, so we decided to rent a scooter for a couple of hours.

It didn't take long to ride around the entire island, and it seemed to have a little bit of everything ... beautiful reefs and cool cafes on the South shore, a gorgeous rocky shore on the North side, an Eastern tip with fantastic views where the North & South shore come together, and the Western side of the island where "downtown", Playa Norte and the ferry dock reside.  

We stopped at Oscar's, an outdoor cafe on the South shore, for a couple of cervezas.  The pizza looked and smelled amazing, and we'd hoped to come back and give it a try.  We never did make it back to Oscar's for their pizza ... guess we'll have to make another trip!

The scooter was due back by 5:00 pm, so we returned it on time and headed back to Playa Norte for a fantastic sunset!

Sunsets on the beach are one of my favorite things .. always different, and always so peaceful!

After the sun faded away, we were ready for tacos & cerveza.  There were tons of outdoor restaurants  offering great deals ... how about 4 tacos and 2 beers for $4 bucks with chips n homemade salsa?!  It was really good too!

I can't believe that I never did get pictures of "downtown" Isla Mujeres at night. The lil town with tiny lights, cafes and bars is really cool.  It again reminded me of a tiny French Quarter ... loved it!

After a full day, we were ready to get a good night's sleep.  We were looking forward to renting a scooter for an entire day and really exploring the island.

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Changes in the wind said...

Love Mexico and am sure you are having a great time.

Ellen @ The Cynical Sailor said...

What a beautiful sunset. I love that someone almost tripped over a fish :-)

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