Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Boatyards and U-Hauls!

It's been three weeks since we decided to downsize again and give our landlords notice that we were moving at the end of October ... luckily there's 31 days in this month!  Since giving notice and finding a smaller, furnished condo to rent we've been slightly busy.

During the pasts three weeks we finished the final preparations for getting Nirvana sprayed with primer (the prep is a PITA!), sprayed the deck with Interlux Primekote, and then sprayed Interlux Perfection on the smooth areas of the deck.  I'll have a separate post about this process soon.  Ken also started messing with the stuffing box, removing some very old packing.  This has now lead to him trying to remove the transmission coupling (no luck yet) in order to remove the peeling shaft (does brass peel?!) ... the projects continue!

We also posted our bedroom set, dining room set and several other pieces of furniture on Craigslist to sell.  We had a couple of U-Hauls in front of our condo this past weekend ... taking our possessions away.  We gave our daughter & son-in-law our wedding china & crystal, assorted kitchen items, and several lawn items. I've gotten rid of two car loads of clothes (just mine, Ken is next), and will probably have a garage sale if time permits.  If not, I'll be making another trip to Goodwill.  The only large items left to sell in our condo are the sofa & love seat loaned to us by our daughter & son-in-law.

In between all of this, we've been working our regular jobs and even found time to attend the annual picnic at our "old" condo this past Saturday evening.  We wound up meeting a man that cruised for 15 years on a Hunter 31 ... imagine that!  He said "go while you can", as he stopped about 10 years ago when his (now deceased) wife got cancer and passed away after a five-year battle.  We really enjoyed talking with him, and only wished that we had met him when we first moved in a year ago instead of right before moving again.

Yesterday and today, Ken and I are both back at our regular jobs ... along with a quick visit to the boatyard by Ken this morning.  He hoped to remove the transmission coupling with a new trick he heard about ... no such luck.  While at the boatyard, he's determined that he's not happy with the paint job!  We're about over this boatyard, so spray painting again is not an option .. sounds like we may be rolling some smooth areas along with the non-skid areas in the marina soon. First, we have to address this stuffing box issue before going back in the water .. ugh!  We want to hit the lottery and buy a new boat!

With moving, selling stuff and working on Nirvana while holding down a job, I haven't had much time to panic about getting rid of a lifetime of possessions.  I think the transition has been more difficult for Ken, but it's about closing his business more than getting rid of stuff.  It's probably also about the constant stress of boat projects!

We've been sleeping on the sofas since our bedroom set was sold this past Saturday, and we plan to start spending the night in our new condo this Thursday.  Our little bit of kitchen and bathroom stuff has to be transferred first ... and the cable gets installed Thursday morning.  Gotta have the important stuff before living there!  I know, I know .. cable sucks.  It's a terrible habit that we're sure not to miss.  I think we just like the noise and the picture on the tv.

After living at the new place on Thursday, we'll have one week left (and one weekend) to remove whatever's left that can't fit in the "new" place.  Between my dad's huge shed and a garage sale and/or Goodwill, we'll get it emptied.   We'll have just enough time to clean the "old" condo really good so we get our deposit back.  Time flies when you're having fun.

Hasta luego .. until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Sandee said...

I hate moving and downsizing makes it even more difficult. You'll get it done. There is not doubt in my mind.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Tammy Swart said...

Girl you're making me tired! Just keep in mind that this will be the must busy time in your Cruising career by FAR! Once you get through it there will be moments months and years from now that you sit and wonder how you got through it all... and hope that you never have to again. But it's VERY much worth it!

I'm sorry to hear that you're not pleased with your paint... I know that's a huge task and one you won't want to repeat. But eventually you won't see the flaws that you see now... You'll be having too much fun! Keep playing the lottery!

LittleCunningPlan.com said...

I like how you are doing this in stages. I think that's the only way to cut ties to a long time land life. And you are really making progress! Good work! Glad to read Tammy's comment that this will be the busiest time of the whole transition. That does give me hope. We're right behind you, and rooting for you.

Anonymous said...

You will know you are a cruiser when you have two types of clothes. Boat clothes (stained, cut, holes and maybe a piece missing where you sat in epoxy (don't ask). Then you have a SET of town clothes. You won't dare do any boat chore in those. Somehow a spot of paint would always jump on me when I had town clothes on. Never figured out how the paint knew what I was wearing town clothes as they don't have eyes. You are also a cruiser when you go to Goodwill and BUY clothes. Best place to find boat clothes. One thing to look out for is thin cotton men's shirts. White or very light colors and big loose fitting. Great for hot sunshine days as a cover up. Have you had time to check Dani and Tate's blog. They are BUFF! All this work, it will be so worth it. Ken and Debra

Anonymous said...

Wow - you guys are on a roll! Well done on the downsizing and boat projects. You're making me tired just thinking about how much you've been accomplishing. Cheers - Ellen

Ken n Cheryl said...

Tammy, I hope this is the busiest time for us ... I'll keep telling myself that. LOL! If we can just get on our boat and start going somewhere, I don't care how it looks! =)

LCP, I couldn't imagine moving straight from our house to the boat! If renting it, like you plan on doing, it may be possible but .. moving within 30 days of a closing date doesn't seem possible for us. We were exhausted when we sold. Sounds like ya'll are also doing a great job in downsizing too .. congrats. Yes, let's hope this is the busiest time for you and I! =)

Ken & Debra, yes I'm very familiar with Dani & Tate's blog .. been following them for a while. The cruising lifestyle is definitely working for them! I've shopped off n on at Goodwill for years, and big & thin cotton t-shirts sound like a great idea!

Thanks Ellen .. I'm finally recovering!

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