Friday, June 19, 2015

Our Future Boat?!

Hideaway if for sale!

When Ryan & Tasha from Turf to Surf mentioned they were going to sell their boat, they got our attention!  While we love our Catalina 30, we couldn't help but think how great it would be to own a Catalina 34 that already has a dodger, bad-ass anchor, solar panel, Honda generator, chart plotter, LED lighting, a main sail that furls into the mast (awesome), a dinghy & motor, kitchen appliances and all sorts of other stuff to make our dream of cruising much easier ... and it's already in St. Maarten!

Yesterday, it became official ... Hideaway if for sale!  Once we saw Tasha's post and the price ... our heads started spinning.  This is a great boat for a really fair price.  Could we make this work?  Could we buy Hideaway and finally paint our boat, get her outta the boatyard and sell her for a decent price?  Did we have time to get to St. Maarten and buy a boat in the immediate future?!  Would Hideaway really cost that much more than the dollars we've already spent on boat paint, the labor we need to spend in the heat (not fun), the anchor, LED lighting, solar panels, generator, etc that we still need to buy?  Maybe we could make this work.  The thought of flying to St. Maarten, boarding our new boat and immediately starting our cruising life "in paradise" is perfect ... except when it isn't.

Ken and I had a serious discussion last night, reviewing our schedule and going through scenarios in our head on how to make this work.  But, the sad truth is that the timing is just a bit too soon.  While we can't wait to "Just Do It!", the facts are that we have to honor our lease until October, work on getting Nirvana out of the boatyard, and work on closing our businesses while still making money to pay the rent and the bills that come with it and our businesses.  Add the fact that the boat is so far away (perfect location if timing were right) and we'd have to also pay to store it until at least October .. it just isn't possible yet.  So close, yet so far .. it kills me!

Anyway, as much as I'd like to "save" Hideaway for us and keep her sale a secret, I'm gonna go ahead and share Tasha's post in hopes that she finds a buyer soon. She & Ryan have a new (and amazing) catamaran in Europe that they need to pick up in August, and I know they'd like to find Hideaway a new home before then.  So, if you want a great boat (we love our Catalina) that's already sitting in paradise and ready to cruise ... check out Tasha's post.

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Anonymous said...

Personally, I would keep what you got. That 30ft boat has about the same room as the earlier CCA type boats of the 60's/70's narrow beam boats like a Bristol 34/ Pearson 35. The only thing I would rather have is the centerboard draft. Lots and lots of places to get away to if you can manage draft. Your boat will get you there safe and sound, and the view will be the same as that 200K Island Packet.

Tasha | Turf to Surf said...

Thanks so much for sharing this. Hopefully Hideaway will make some cruiser very happy, though, it's surprisingly hard to part with her!

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