Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Is That Us In That Magazine?!

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When we recently received an email from Don asking if he could include us in his Sailing Life magazine, we didn't hesitate to say "Sure".  Next thing you know, Ken and I are in the February, 2014 edition!  We were happy to be included in the magazine, and as it turns out we're amongst "friends" ... other cruisers that we follow.  We're sharing the February issue with Tasha & Ryan from "Turf to Surf", Sheryl & Paul from "Distant Shores", Matt & Jessica from "MJ Sailing",  Peter & Jody from "Where the Coconuts Grow" and Eric & Jackie from "Sail Makai".  Other than Eric & Jackie, I feel like I know everyone else and hope to meet up someday.

Peter & Jody from "Where The Coconuts Grow" ...
The article about Ken and I explains why we've chosen to sell everything to live on a 30 foot sailboat.  Some folks ask if we'll panic when the house sells ... we're so over that house that I can definitively say "NO"!  If you want to read the entire article and the other articles by the cruisers that I've mentioned, just click here for the "Sailing Life" app from iTunes.  Don has a great magazine, so check it out.  Thanks Don!
Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


LittleCunningPlan.com said...

How fun! That's very cool. I will check out the app.

Anonymous said...

Panic? More like party!

We are right there with you and being over the whole house thing. Never want to own one again.

I saw your article listed on the cover shot. Very cool. Can't wait to read it.

Fair winds,


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I know some famous people now!!! I am so proud of you two... you keep plugging away and before you know it, we will be picking you up at a yacht club here in Panama!!! So excited for you and so proud of you!! <3 you tons!!!

Laura and Hans said...

OMG! How did I miss this!! I've gotta check out that app (although I have about a thousand other things I should be doing). Congratulations, it looks like a good read.

Jody - Where The Coconuts Grow said...

It was a GREAT issue! ;)
We were glad to see you published! Very cool!!

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