Friday, September 20, 2013

Running On Empty!

Since I wrote a post about "everything is broken", I feel like I'm "running on empty".  Our house hasn't sold yet, the repairs never stop, the bills keep coming in, and I'm working my butt off to keep from acquiring any new debt.  Lately, I've been putting in a lot of hours at the office and I haven't seen a dime.  I had to steal a few minutes to write this post!

As most of you probably know, I'm a real estate agent and it's been too long since I've sat at a closing table.  Now, before you start thinking, "Man, those real estate agents don't have to do anything!  They just show a house and wait for that nice check at the closing" ... let me tell you how it really is.  We deal with many buyers and sellers, and only a small percentage actually bring a closing.  Unless there's a closing, there is no payment for showing house after house in 98 degree weather, those late night phone calls, tough negotiations with other agents, and the mental breakdowns of a frustrated buyer or seller.  In fact, most of us agents have had to learn not to take things personally and deal with rejection, because we've all had those clients that used us up ... only to disappear off the face of the earth!  Get them pre-approved, find them temporary housing, show them countless houses ... and then they're gone.  WTH?!  It happens to the best of us.  I take my job seriously and I know I'm a hard-working, good agent but it's happened to me a couple of times this year ... ugh!

Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the closing I have scheduled in about 10 days goes through.  It would sure ease my mind a bit.  I'm not down, but have I mentioned lately that I can't wait to sell our house and be free from debt and timelines?!  A negative attitude won't make things easier so I focus on the fact that with every day that passes, we owe that much less on our debt.  I know our house will sell eventually.  It's definitely not priced too high and other homes in our waterfront subdivision haven't moved either (a perk of being an agent and able to always check out the market and the competition).  It's just a matter of bad timing and a lot of patience.

I've actually been looking for another job the past 4-5 months, and at 46 years of age that's been a scary experience.  After about 50 job applications from working at the grocery store, to retail stores in the mall, to an administrative assistant at the hospital I previously worked at for over 7 years ... I've only had two responses and interviews.  Needless to say, I didn't get the job.

Sometimes I think I'm going backwards.  We're supposed to be selling everything, ditching the rat race and sailing .. yet I'm out looking for a job?!  I tell myself it's all temporary and just like part-time cruisers ... I'm just doing what I need to do to cruise in the future. 

So, that's what I've been up to lately.  Pretty much the same for Ken.  He's making a living, but construction work ain't easy.  We're both tired and ready for a change.  Keep the good vibes coming our way!   

Gonna end this with a song I've always liked, "Running on Empty" by Jackson Browne.  When times get tough, may as well sing!  Here's a few of the lyrics too ... yep, a lot of us are running!

Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels
Looking back at the years gone by like so many summer fields
In sixty-five I was seventeen and running up one-on-one
I don't know where I'm running now, I'm just running on.

Looking out at the road rushing under my wheels
I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels
Look around for the friends that I used to turn to to pull me through
Looking into their eyes I see them running too

Running on, running on empty
Running on, running blind
Running on, running into the sun
But I'm running behind

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!

9 comments: said...

Waiting for the right timing is just the hardest part I know. I read about people for whom everything just finally fell into place when the time was right. I'm hoping for that to happen for both of us! Soldier on. That's all we can do.

Jennifer said...

I know it may not seem like it now, but everything will work out just as it should. Hang in there!

Unknown said...

I know you guys are tired but hang in there. As J. Calvin Coolidge said "Nothing can take the place of persistence".



Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing in more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan PRESS ON!has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.

J. Calvin Coolidge

S/V Iron Jack said...

Well life some times makes us wait a little while before giving us all we need. This is your waiting period. All will work out as you dream of sailing the Gulf of Mexico. Jeanne and I are also working on our CSY 37 and trying to get it ready for coastal hopping. Hopefully we will all meet in the Keys next year and celebrate the past, the future and all our friends. If you like a little libation I will supply a little grog to make your visit a happy occasion. Like you we ended selling 2 homes and a hangar full of stuff(still had a 6x14 enclosed trailer and 3 vehicles that we brought with us). If you know of someone who wants a 2 bd, 1 3/4 bath remodeled smaller home on the east coast of Fl let us know.(Cocoa, FL).
Remember the sun shines and the wind blows and the sailboat is waiting for the both of you to grasp your dream.
Bill and Jeanne

Sandee said...

Things can only get better right? You'll see the light at the end of the tunnel soon.

Have a terrific day and do something fun this weekend. It will help. :)

Latitude 43 said...

I also found out how hard it is for someone over 40 to find a job. OK I'm over fifty. I only got one interview and it was in front of a team of young nerds. They looked at me like they would look at their Grandfather. I'm surprised they didn't ask me if I wanted a tea and a blanket. Punks.

Keep up the positive attitude and maybe figure out alternative ways to get out on the water. Don't give up trying!

Anonymous said...

I would advise you as I did Galley Wench. Get on with West Marine. You don't make much but they are everywhere you are likely to park your boat. Learn their system and you have a portable job and they have a good employee discount. GW just got a new anchor and chain and saved a bundle. You will learn a lot of boat things and make a lot of contacts. It can even "re-charge" your cruising batteries (desire). Check her Sept 27th post on their new anchor. Ken

S/V Sweet Escape said...

Hang in! It's always darkest right before the dawn.

Anonymous said...

Read this take a deep breath and enjoy all the Karma I'm sending you guys :)

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