Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Gel In Our Memory Foam

A couple of months ago, Ken and I were walking around "Big Lots" when we came across a great deal on a Serta memory foam mattress topper.  We had heard some complaints from other cruisers that the memory foam can get too hot.  However, this memory foam topper was a little different.  It had gel swirled into the memory foam, which is supposed to keep you cool.   At first we thought that foam swirled with gel wouldn't be able to be cut to fit our v-berth, but upon further inspection we realized that this foam could be cut.  The gel isn't floating around, ready to ooze out everywhere.  Instead, it's swirled in the foam .. just like the name describes.

Since our v-berth feels like a rock and the foam that Ken cut to fit our v-berth was only a temporary solution, this mattress topper got my attention.  But, since we weren't planning on making $100 purchase at "Big Lots" that day, we passed.

As luck would have it, just a couple of days later I noticed a coupon in the newspaper for 20% off of any "Big Lots" purchase ... for one day only.  Eighty dollars seemed like a really good deal to me.  After researching prices on the internet for gel-infused foam toppers, I thought it was a great deal.  That's all the persuasion that I needed to buy the mattress topper.  I just hoped that we'd be happy with it.

The mattress topper has been sitting in its box since then, waiting to lay on our v-berth once we get closer to cruising.  After continually waking up with sore hips, shoulders and backs (both of us), I told Ken that we may as well start using that mattress topper now.  It's the perfect size for our bed, and if it's not brand new when we move onto the boat ... it's worth it if it works!  He quickly agreed and we put the topper on the same day.  As you can see, it's an egg-crate topper.  We were hoping that also was a good choice.  If nothing else, it sure is a pretty blue ... just like the ocean.

The topper also came with a cover, which is pretty much like a fitted sheet with deeper pockets.  It fits just right and keeps the topper in place.  Since the topper is 3", we knew our fitted sheet wouldn't work so we put a king-sized flat sheet over the cover and tucked it in.

After sleeping on the topper for almost a week now, we're happy with it.  I wouldn't say that the topper keeps us cool, but it's not hot like most memory foam toppers are known to be.  With all the heat that I put out at night (seriously ... a lot), just not being hot was a good thing.  The most important thing ... it's really comfortable.  Our bed doesn't feel as hard as it used to, and we're not waking up so sore.  My hips used to hurt in the morning, and I could tell it was from sleeping on our mattress.  Now, the only soreness I feel is from my work-outs.  My joints are still cracking and poppin' when I get outta the bed ... must be my age 'cause I swear I never used to make so much noise getting out the bed when I was younger.

The egg crate design doesn't feel all bumpy like we feared.  In fact, we really can't tell that we're lying on that type of surface.  The design is supposed to allow for more air circulation, which I guess may also help in keeping us from getting hot.  It's also supposed to "cradle" you when sleeping, so there's less tossing and turning.

I had read a couple of reviews about gel-infused memory foam, and some complained that in order to turn and move into another position, you really needed to put more effort into it.  This may be true with all types of memory foam, I don't know.  However, Ken and I don't find this to be bothersome and we really don't notice much of a difference.  A good thing is that when one of us moves around, the other doesn't feel it as much.

Here's a close-up view of the gel-swirled memory foam topper ...

We're glad we purchased the topper, and we're glad that we didn't wait to start using it.  Once we're ready to move onto Nirvana, we'll cut the topper to fit our v-berth.  Also, we had chosen the "Queen" sized topper because I had read that with this size, we'll only have to cut off what we don't need at the top and sides.  A smaller size would require that the pieces cut off from the top be added to the bottom corners.  After measuring our v-berth, this seems to be true.

We already have plans for the pieces that we cut off from the top ... gel-swirled memory foam pillows!

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Sandee said...

We tried that but it just didn't work for us. I'm glad it's working for you.

Have a terrific day. ☺

Emily said...

It looks very comfy! I bought a cheapie foam topper (not gel-enhanced!) at Walmart after I fractured my pelvis for use on our home mattress (queen). We later decided to use it for our C30's v-berth, since I eventually didn't need it at home. Cutting it to fit was not too difficult. However, after sleeping on it a few times, Barry decided he preferred the rock-hard 4" cushions that came with the boat, so I ended up having to cut it down the middle and only using it on my side of the v-berth! That looked a bit funny, but it worked out fine.

LittleCunningPlan.com said...

I'll be interested to know how this works out. We have an awesome memory foam mattress we got from Costco and I just love our bed. But it does get a little warm sometimes, and I don't think I would want that on a boat. I was thinking the other day about how these gel foam beds might work, because Costco sells some of those as well. I have to be able to sleep well if I'm going to be worth anything at all during the day, so the comfort of our berth is important to me. Looking forward to seeing how that feels in your boat, in warm weather.

Cool gel mattress pad said...

I feel glad to find this blog. I also try this. Thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering, how did you ended up cutting the topper?

Mubashir Khatri said...

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