Friday, August 16, 2013

Confessions Of A Couch Potato

When I finally live on our sailboat ... I'll gladly trade the couch for the cockpit!

I admit it.  Until I have potlucks and sunsets to distract me, I love being a couch potato.  Until I have to do without, I enjoy my sofa and my air conditioning after a day's work.  Truth be told, I'm kind of an introvert and dealing with people all day wears me out.  I need my time with just Ken, or myself.  Of course you know what comes with being a couch potato ... the television.  Yep, I'm guilty of watching too much tv.  In my defense, I'm learning stuff!

The majority of television shows suck.  Reality tv ... the drama, the lack of morals and the lack of reality make me question my intelligence after watching a few minutes.  I refuse to watch it.  Ken and I enjoy a few crime/drama shows, but when I find myself alone with the remote I love watching documentaries.  The Discovery Channel, History Channel, TLC ... just about any documentary grabs my attention. 

The past couple of weeks I actually came across several interesting topics.  During "Shark Week" (which is starting to have a little too much "reality" itself) I was comforted to learn that bull sharks reside in Lake Pontchartrain.  Yep, the same Lake Pontchartrain that we sail in, swim in, and that flows into our backyard canal.  Actually, I had already heard that those aggressive sharks were out there, but I try to forget about that.  It was interesting to see folks from UNO doing research in the lake (I swear I saw our old waterfront neighborhood in the background) and placing tracking devices on the sharks to find out if they ever leave the area.  The researchers are thinking they never leave, but are waiting to see what the devices show.  As long as I don't hear about an attack or see a fin, I'll keep swimming.  Oh, but I'd better keep my head out of the water because there's that brain-eating bacteria going around that enters through your nose.  Geez!

Then there was the special called "WEED" by Dr. Sanjay Gupta.  He used to be against pot, but after learning more about it he couldn't ignore its medicinal effects.  He couldn't ignore the story about the little girl whose life was consumed by seizures, and whose body was worn down and near death.  Now that she's been receiving doses of marijuana (before you judge, the little girl doesn't get high off the weed - a low THC variety) she's a normal kid, with very few seizures.  Dr. Gupta also learned that a lot of research is going on in Israel and get this ... the old folks in the nursing home smoke pot that is provided by the government!  It seems that smoking pot helps delay dementia, as well as slow down brain degeneration.  It also helps with uncontrollable shaking and muscle spasms, as well as reduces nausea (cancer patients come to mind).  Of course, some folks do smoke too much which can cause addiction and way too much slacking off.  However, it seems that it's about time to stop ignoring the possibilities that this plant may bring.  Heck, one of my favorite pair of pants are made from hemp ... they're really comfortable.

When my mom called to tell me that a special narrated by Richard Gere (love him) about "The Buddha" was coming on, I had to watch that too.  I started taking a real interest in Buddhism about 7 years ago, and for me it's not so much a religion as a way of life.  The Buddhist teachings are about simplicity and empathy, with no room for ego, envy or materialism.  The special told the story of Buddha, who didn't have a miraculous conception or rise from the dead.  He was just a normal man ... a very rich man in the beginning, but normal.  I don't want to drag this post on, so I'll write another post soon about his story.  I think it's pretty interesting.  While I agree with the Buddhist teachings and do my best to follow them, I'm not gonna lie ...  I still have a problem with having compassion for everybody.  Most people sure, but all people ... I don't know if I'll ever get there.   I just have a hard time having compassion for those who don't help themselves.  As far as living without ego, envy or materialism ... I'm good.  Heck, I'm trying to sell everything and live on a small sailboat named "Nirvana".

Oh, and I haven't watched recently but I love "Ancient Aliens".  It's a weekly show on the History Channel that's shares theories about aliens visiting our planet many years ago.  Whether you believe or not, there's some really interesting facts on the show ... along with the theories.  One show was about Hitler and his obsession with aliens and flying saucers (who knew?!).  Some folks believe his fascination with aliens gave him insight into creating weapons, including the infamous "Bell" ... a multi-dimensional motor that neutralized gravity.  Dare I admit ... since I was a teenager I've always thought that aliens could very well be the "missing link".  Think about it.  I'm not saying it's a firm belief, but just a thought.  I'm open-minded enough to consider it.

Being lazy and vegging out isn't all that bad.  See what I learned while being a couch potato?!

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising! 


Latitude 43 said...

A cockpit potato sounds much better than a couch potato, though I do miss it's comfy softness for vegetating.

I pretty sure Aliens live among us, and I'm pretty sure they drive powerboats.

Brian and Erika said...

Keep practicing the Buddhism and you will have compassion for all living things in no time! (except tics!)

Anonymous said...

I can relate to what you're saying. When it comes to TV my wife and I are just the opposite of you and Ken. She likes the crime dramas and I like the educational channels. I'll watch the dramas with her if they have enough "zingers" in them. I'll sit there an laugh and she'll look at me like I'm crazy. I look forward to your blog on Buddhism. I am a Christian (though I don't like that term anymore for many reasons) and I have friends that are Buddhist. I find the wisdom of the Buddha to be very similar to the wise sayings of many in the Bible including Jesus. I am always interested in new viewpoints. Learning is a lifelong venture.

Emily said...

Fun post! I love being a couch potato at times as well. It's fun to be active, but after a good bike ride, walk, hike, or yard work, nothing beats vegging out with the computer, a good book, or a TV show or movie.

Sandee said...

We love being a cockpit potato and are doing so this weekend. Fabulous.

We don't do very much television either. I can't stand the two faced Hollyweird people. We're supposed to hang on their every word and they are so messed up as individuals. Hello.

Have a terrific day. :)( said...

Oh man, I'm glad I am not the only one who is not only enjoying the benefits of land life, but is a couch potato! I don't watch much TV since we don't have cable, but I've been reading constantly and lots of times will go down to Moonrise to just hang out in my hammock and read. I do watch DVD's and will go through an entire season of a TV show I like in one sitting. I hate commercials, so i prefer to see the DVDs or netflix or the like.
Add anxiety and insomnia to the list of things that small amounts of marijuana are helpful for. I learned lately that eating it is useful for insomnia. Something in how you prepare it for cooking makes this different than smoking it. Being a 'pothead' is totally different than using it as a medicine. Most everything can have a medicinal value if used correctly.

Mark and Cindy - s/v Cream Puff said...

So funny - as I read this, I am lying on the couch aboard Cream Puff and watching a DVD (because nothing is on TV). It is a series called Distant Shores. It is a very well put together documentary about two cruisers.

Mark and Cindy

amy said...

Thats greaat about the little girl, the weed the doctors use for her and so many others is hemp, its in the same family as the stuff people smoke to get high...but different genetic makeup. A great "weed" which is considered by most to be a throwaway plant. Like dandelions, wish flowers are my fav!

amy said...

In my house, its comes down to what I want to watch and what my seven year old would want...but if he is seriously watching something I just turn on netflix on the computer or gaia tv. I'm with brian too - those crime shows can be funny! luckily my little one also likes HGTV and I like FX - I think the hero action movies are a whole lot better then nickolodeon or disney shows where morals are loose and parents are trashed lol.

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