Friday, November 16, 2012

Taping n Floating!

Two and a half months after Isaac's unwelcome visit, we're finally getting rid of his mess!  Finding and fixing the leaks on our roof wasn't easy, and it took a while to for our house to become water-tight.  Next was replacing the insulation, then the sheetrock.  This week, Ken started "taping and floating" the sheetrock, and the mud is drying as I write this post.  Ken hopes to texture, paint and re-install the light fixtures within the next few days.  I'm so excited to see our foyer finally getting back to normal!  The excitement doesn't come from having a "nice" house.  I'm pretty easy-going and wouldn't be in any rush if we weren't trying to sell our house.
The repairs don't stop with the foyer.  Our front door had some odd damage from Hurricane Isaac.  The morning after the storm, we noticed that our door had been completely stripped of its finish!  We'd never seen anything like it before, but have since come across a few other folks that had the same experience.  The only thing we can think is that the wind and rain were blowing right onto our front door .... for days!  Our front door had to be replaced, the sidelights sanded, and all of it stained and polyurethaned.  Of course, nothing is easy and the stain isn't matching the sidelights ... even though its the same stain.  So, Ken is going to stain the front door (again) with a darker stain and then apply the poly.

Door ... stripped of its finish!

Sidelights sanded and new door installed

Since repairs are close to completion, we also lowered the price of the house yesterday.  Let's just say we could have cruised for a year with that money!  But, we won't be cruising at all if we don't sell our house!  Fingers crossed that we find a buyer before the end of the year!
Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Emily said...

Good luck Cheryl and Ken! If anyone deserves to sell their house and go cruising, it's you two. And someone is going to end up with a beautiful and "like new" home. Fingers crossed for you!

Sandee said...

I've got my fingers and toes crossed that you find a buyer for your home by the end of the year. That would be lovely.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

Verena said...

Sell sell sell!! Keeping my fingers crossed tight!

Cathy said...

That door is perfection. I love the windows on it!

Cathy Trails said...

I sure thought you had seen the last of taping and texturing that house! But I'm glad you guys are back in the market again. Hope it sells soon!

Mike M. said...

Great news on getting the house closer to being sold...again.

That stinks about having to lower the price, but a little more tightening of the cruiser belts will hopefully make up for the loss.

Looking forward to continuing to follow your progress onto the boat.


Ken n Cheryl said...

We thought we were done with all this too! We better be done this time. =)

Thanks for all the good vibes!

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