Friday, September 7, 2012

This Blows!

Yep, the above is a fan and it's been sitting in our home's foyer since Hurricane Isaac!

During the last night of the hurricane, I stumbled in the dark to look out of the glass on our front door.  My heart sank as I stood there looking out ... realizing that my feet were wet!  I woke Ken from his short sleep on the sofa, and quickly grabbed a flashlight.  To our dismay, we found a roof leak in the foyer and it was running down the wall, down the front door and onto our wood-laminate floor.  We grabbed a bunch of towels to soak up the water and placed a few plastic bowls around to try and catch the water leaking off of the ceiling.  About every half hour one of us would replace the soaked towel with a fresh one.  This went on until daylight, when the hurricane finally moved on and the towels were no longer soaking up water.

Shortly after discovering the leaks, Ken and I had never felt so defeated!  We were exhausted, we were dealing with a leaky roof,  and we were now losing hope of saving our home from flooding.  At the time, the storm surge wasn't over and we had no idea how much longer Hurricane Isaac was going to stick around.  The storm wasn't moving on like most hurricanes, and the latest news wasn't reassuring.  (We had to sit in the truck to listen to the news since we didn't have power or a radio).  

By the time daylight arrived, we were relieved that the storm finally moved through and the rain and water had stopped.  We were also relieved to see that we had saved our floors from moisture damage.  Our relentless efforts every 30 minutes throughout the night had paid off!

The front door and the sheetrock in our foyer didn't make out so well.  Ken scraped the paint off the sheetrock to get a better look.

The sheetrock and insulation over the front door had to be removed.

Ken then placed a fan in the foyer to help dry the area.

Ken now has some sheetrock repair to do on our house ... right after we just finished a huge sheetrock job on our house.   Didn't we just do this?!  Also, our wooden front door and its sidelights probably need to be replaced.  More work (poor Ken) ... and more money!  While we're thankful that things aren't worse, we are so ready to stop fixing houses and draining our account in the meantime.  After Hurricane Katrina, the insurance companies came up with huge "Hurricane Deductibles".   We pay a small fortune for homeowner's insurance every year, but it doesn't seem to help when ya need it.

Our life is always exciting ... just not the kinda excitement we're looking for!  To be honest, Ken and I hated to get up this morning.  I guess we're a little depressed.  The mental, physical and financial stress never seem to end!  We feel a little guilty about being down, since so many people just two miles away are dealing with flooded homes.  But ... we're human, we're broke and we're tired!  Ken hates sheetrock work, and he's having to spend his time fixing our house for free (doing something he hates) instead of making money.  I wish I could snap my fingers and make all of this disappear for him!

On a positive note ... our new ports that Ken recently installed on Nirvana didn't leak.  They passed the test!

One foot in front of the other ... one day at a time!

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Pineapple Girl said...

I'm so sorry this happened. Yes it could have been worse but how depressing. Hang in there.

Sandee said...

I'm so sorry that you are having to do this again and right after you already had your home looking fabulous. You'll sell soon I hope and begin your dream.

Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

Emily said...

Oh no! I thought from your previous Facebook posts that you had escaped unscathed. What a huge drag, both in time, money, and your peace of mind -- especially since your house is on the market. I am SO sorry!

Drew Frye said...

I've spent many hours pumping water in our leak-prone basement, followed by hours spent washing and drying carpets and moving furniture, only to have another storm show up within days or weeks, Tiring, but worth the effort. I've been though a flash flood at our office, where the water rose 8 feet in 10 minutes.

Nature's a bugger sometimes.

Unknown said...

Oh No! That definitely BLOWS!! It's really hard to be pouring money into a house when all you want to do is sell it.

Thank goodness it wasn't worse, and yeah even though you have insurance it's not like it "saves everything". You still have to pay tons in deductibles.

I used to tell Tate during the stressful time of selling the house, that one day this will all be a memory.

Ken n Cheryl said...

Thanks for listen to me whine and for understanding! It could be worse and we're feeling better today, but when trying to sell a house it makes it that much more frustrating! We'll get there! said...

Oh damn! I'm so sorry this happened to you guys, but glad you somehow had to get up and look out that door just when you did! You saved the floors anyhow. Sometimes life feels like a huge cosmic bad joke. But Nirvana passed the test! That's excellent news, for sure. This, too, shall pass, right?

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