Monday, October 11, 2010

Swap and Sail!

This past weekend started off with the annual West Marine "Swap Meet".  Our friend, Ted (left of picture) had a table of things to sell.

We hung out with our friends James (who we recently met because he bought Ted's sailboat), Ted (who just bought a bigger sailboat), and Ray while enjoying the day and free hotdogs!

Ken spotted a stainless grill for $50, which we thought was a bargain since the same grill at West Marine is $269 and the bracket alone (which this one had) is $50.  The $5 pair of binoculars will be cool to have and the hooks to keep the anchor line in place were given to us.  Also, the little anchor was given to us for 50 cents.  We weren't in the market for this anchor, as we don't have a dinghy yet, but I guess the seller didn't want to go back home with it so we were his target!  He insisted that we take it after trying to sell it to us all day.  He went from $5 to 0.50 cents, so what the heck.  We were hoping to find some good deals, and I think we did with the barbecue grill.  A big thanks to West Marine for coordinating this event!

We ended the weekend on the boat which again was long overdue.  We took some new friends of ours (Sheri, her mother Diane and her daughter Morgan) that I met when they moved here from California and needed to buy a home.  I found them a home and then Ken was hired to improve a few things at their new home.  We're really grateful for their business and had a great time on the water with margaritas and fried chicken!  We need to install our new barbecue grill  and break it in next time.  

Hasta luego ... until then.  Mid-Life Cruising!


Sandee said...

Great job on the kettle grill. We have one just like it. Great way to cook a great meal, veggies and all. You did very well.

West Marine is expensive, but they do have everything.

Have a terrific day. :)

rob said...

Wow some great bargains! I love swap meets. the Bar-b-que was a real bargain too.

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