Monday, March 22, 2010

Sailboat Painting 101

We're hoping to take our sailboat out the water any time now for repainting the bottom and hull of the boat.  The weather is supposed to be warmer towards the end of the week and work is slow right now so this Thursday or Friday may be a good time.

In the meantime, we've been researching paints and primers for the sailboat in order to determine what to buy and the best way to apply it.  We have found that this can be a little overwhelming when you're a beginner to sailboat painting!  There are so many brands (all expensive) to pick from and then what you buy depends on the application process that you choose.  For the bottom of the sailboat we will need anti-fouling paint and a barrier coat (primer).  The hull of the sailboat requires primer and a top-coat of paint, and then there's the paint for the stripes on the sailboat.  Also, we will need to purchase a converter and a reducer for the sailboat paint, and there is a different type of converter and reducer for spraying on the paint versus rolling on the paint.  Once we figure all that out, we also need to figure out how much to buy to cover our Catalina 30 sailboat.  This is something you don't just go pick up on your way to the boat yard!  In fact, we can't find the paint around our home and need to order it, so we need to make a move.

At this time we are leaning towards Awl-Grip paint, which is a two-part epoxy.  We've seen this paint on other sailboats, and we like the finish it provides.  Also, we want something that's going to last a while. It is our understanding that Awl-Grip can not be buffed out as easily as some other brands, but that it is quite durable.  We are still trying to decide whether to spray the paint on the sailboat or roll it on the sailboat.  We have a paint sprayer as well as experience spraying paint, but we just aren't sure which application is best for us.

Who knew choosing sailboat paint would be such a chore?!  I'm sure we'll be happy with our decision, but any advice or suggestions are always welcome.  Hasta luego .... until then.  Mid-life Cruising!


Sandee said...

Wow, I'm're going to do this yourself. Can't help you with the paint as we have the boatyard do our pull-outs and bottom work.

I'm guessing your are painting the whole boat. What an undertaking. We aren't proficient enough to do this. Ask the boatyard for some help. They usually have some very good suggestions concerning the best paints.

Have a terrific day. :)

Travis and Maggie said...

We did not awl-grip our boat but used Z-spar. We rolled and tipped, and the finish came out beautiful. White and shiny. It's been three years and after a buffing this spring, she will look great... again. But wow, If you guys can spray it and can afford the awl grip, well I just don't think it gets any better then that.

Ken n Cheryl said...

Thanks for the input! We're not painting the deck just yet. The bottom and hull will be enough for now. Will have to check into the Z-spar. We're not familiar with that product. It is an undertaking - can't say we're looking forward to it, but looking forward to the results!

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